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Suleman Raza, Spice Village | Grand Sapphire & Paid Articles




“Suleman Raza, CEO, and Founder of Spice Village Group and the President of Grand Sapphire Hotels” – Bio from Paid Articles

According to the Paid  Articles, Suleman Raza is a British food entrepreneur who is the founder of the restaurant chain Spice Village Group. He started out as a chef and soon chased his dream of starting a chain of restaurants. Suleman Raza is known for his humanitarian work and has been honored by the Prime Minister of the UK for his work during the COVID pandemic. He is the co-owner of the Mirpur Royal cricket team that plays for the Kashmir Premier League. He decided to buy the franchise to celebrate Mirpuri culture. Suleman Raza is a man of talent, he also enjoys writing.

We can’t stop praising Suleman Raza for his charitable work, neither the common man nor the press. He has many Real and  Natural press mentions and articles about his charitable campaigns that he shared in his  Instagram highlights [ ] So the question arises, how come Mr. Raza ended up on our list?  Because we found a few Interviews and Feature Articles are Paid PR articles. He is a credible entrepreneur and his achievements are real but unfortunately below articles are Self Drafted and Fake published under sponsored categories.

Looks like Suleman Raza wanted to get verified, hence opted for Paid Articles. He listed those paid articles in his Facebook Profile too which helped him to get verified.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Most of his paid articles speak about his Mirpuri culture and Pakistani cuisine. Maybe his motive was to share his experience and culture among his people or purely for media presence. We also found much of his media coverage is real but definitely not the Interviews and articles which are either done by him or his  PR Agency for Self Branding.  These Publications publish anything you want for $50  – $100 and are available on or  For example, LiveMint is an Indian  Publications that you can buy for $150,


Opting for Paid Placement gives you the opportunity to glamorize yourself the way you like and the PR agency or he himself did well in this article. Even though most of the paid interviews and success stories are on Junk  Spam websites, still it is worth the investment because of its price [ $10 – $50 ]

Below are some renowned Publications where we can see Suleman Raza’s success story. These publications are credible and allow you to publish your own interview/success story/tips under their advertising/sponsor content options. Whatever you read about him in below publication is just self Posted content and is Paid. Btw the article in these publications ain’t cheap. They range from $500  – $1000.



We have also found Suleman Raza’s article on Getting featured on is a matter of Pride and everyone is not credible enough to get featured on organically. When Suleman Raza had the credibility to get featured on, unfortunately, he got his paid article done. Getting featured on  is not difficult for entrepreneurs like him when he can invest $$$$.

An article on Entrepreneur costs $1000 for the Indian version while $1500 for the Asia Pacific.  So his article “3 Life-Changing Lessons To Learn From Your Failures ” is nothing but Fake and Paid. The  Contributor profile is filled with many such paid articles.

Entrepreneur Article –


We loved to see Suleman Raza’s organic and real articles but not his Paid Success Stories.


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