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Tera Carissa Hodges, LR Global Media Group & Fake Paid Articles




“Tera Carissa Hodges is a Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, and the founder of LR Global Media Group.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Tera Carissa Hodges’ paid interviews,  success stories, and feature articles claim that she is a world-renowned speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. Tera Carissa started her career at a very young age and has been working on building her empire. Her business focuses on empowering people, personalities, and brands through multiple forms including media, online teachings, coaching, e-books, conferences, and more. She has also founded LR Global Media Group which is a PR and media services company.

Tera Carissa, being the founder of a PR and media services company tells us that she is very much aware of self-branding. If you want to make people aware of your coaching, and online teaching then these paid feature articles always come in handy. Well, this also serves as a sample for clients who are looking for such PR services. So why not? Tera Carissa, the founder of LR Global Media Group wisely invested in Paid PR  articles to stand out from the crowd. Her Skillset, Achievements, and expertise are real which are backed by the fact that she has really changed many people’s lives through her coaching but below interviews and feature articles are Paid and Self Drafted.

We can see her flaunting her Paid Articles on Social Media as if they are real and organic. Paid Interviews and Mentions are also great for marketing collaterals which she is using very well on her website.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to Paid Post Articles ]


Tera Carissa is faith-based empowerment and life coach who focuses on empowering people through multiple forms including media, online teachings, coaching, e-books, conferences, and more which has repeatedly been mentioned in her paid articles. Looks like she has done these paid feature articles to influence her readers to coach under her. Her content team or the PR Service provider has written her articles so well. Most of her articles are published in publications that work on the “Pay to Publish” model where you have to submit your self-drafted articles and cost you $50 – $99 from  Freelancing sites like or

You will find Tera Carissa’s articles in credible publications as well. These publications post your article with a disclaimer and charge $400 – $600 and allow you to post anything you want. Whatever you read about her isn’t fake or made up, but her articles are paid and fake. Some publications seem like favorites of Tera Carissa, hence we can find 2 articles in the same publications.

Tera-Carissa-Hodges-Paid--Article [ $300 Press Release ] [ Free to register and Post ]

Tera Carissa Hodges has a bunch of paid interviews and feature articles on a network of publications that claims to be media outlets but actually are just spam WordPress sites with the fancy location-based domain name. These websites are sold by PR Guy Jose Aristimuno through his Instagram as packages for  $299 – $499. Below spam WordPress websites themselves lack credibility and are merely created to dump the same articles on all the websites.



Getting your article on Forbes has become easier if you have enough $$$$. Yes, you read it right! Tera Carrisa’s article “Tera Carissa Hodges: Why Your Mindset Is The Most Potent Factor In Your Success Journey” by Karishhma Mago on Forbes Monaco is a paid article that anyone can purchase from them directly for $3000. You can submit your own drafted article and Forbes Monaco publishes the content under their Brand Content Program.



Getting Listed in the Top Entprenreneurs List in some credible publication is a matter of pride But when you are not able to make it to that list then you end up in a paid fake list like below. The below List, itself has no credibility and any can publish their own list like this merely for $$$. For Example, You can publish your own article or List on Disrupt magazine for $100.


The Entrepreneurs listed in the below articles also paid to get on this list. This is an old PR method to club multiple clients and come up with some random list like this.  Tera Carissa Hodges’s mention in USATODAY is worth the investment and since the sponsored article on USATODAY is not cheap so sharing the spot in that list is also a good decision.

We hope to see some Real Media Coverage instead of Paid Mentions


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