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Travis Bott, Meta Labs Agency & Fake Paid Articles




“Travis Bott is a Crypto Enthusiastic, Founder of Meta Labs Agency, and associated with few companies including Beyond Global, MLM venture and Lurra Life” – Bio from Paid Articles

Travis has sponsored interviews asserting his prominent position in the cryptocurrency realm, emphasizing his significant impact on shaping the industry. His paid features highlight his pivotal role in driving Bitcoin and other currencies’ adoption through incentive-based reward programs. In the competitive crypto space, standing out is crucial, and leveraging content marketing via paid interviews and success stories is an effective strategy in the digital age. Regardless of the sponsored content, Travis Bott is undeniably an active contributor in the field.

The interviews and featured articles attributed to Travis Bott in Google Search are essentially self-promoted paid public relations pieces. They serve as a means for him to portray himself as a crypto expert and promote his ventures related to “Beyond Global” and “Coin Zoom.” These publications have a “Pay to Publish” model, allowing anyone to have their content published as long as they make the payment. Such articles can be acquired directly from these platforms or purchased through freelance websites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or Upwork for a fee ranging from $50 to $100 per publication. Alternatively, one can engage a PR agency familiar with these channels to facilitate the process.

Moreover, Travis Bott has a questionable reputation from the past, which provides him with an additional incentive to publish positive articles about himself. Our intention is not to pass judgment on his scams or fraud but solely to highlight the existence of his paid articles. Some people allege that Meta Labs Agency operates as an NFT Ponzi scheme and that Travis Bott is a repeat offender in securities fraud.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Nowhere to be seen now ] [ Inactive ]


Travis Bott recognizes the significance of self-branding through interviews and feature articles. We have observed him engaging in paid articles since 2020 when he was promoting his multi-level marketing endeavors under “Beyond Global” and “Lurra Life.” Establishing a strong presence in the competitive crypto industry demands creating buzz and earning trust. Travis achieved this effectively by generating numerous interviews and features in various publications, bolstering his credibility and providing his brand with much-needed exposure.

Articles on platforms like The American Reporter, priced at $99, LondonPost at $60, and TechBullion at $99, can be acquired directly by the publication. Travis Bott’s fraudulent paid articles, whether self-published or orchestrated by his PR agency, often exhibit a repetitive tone, focusing on the same topic and utilizing identical images as featured visuals.

Travis Bott hired Content removal agency to remove lot of his poor article [ Deleted Now ] [ Deleted Now ]  [ Deleted Now ] [ Deleted Now ]  [ Deleted Now – Click here for Archive Screenshot ] [ Deleted Now – Click here for Archive Screenshot ] [ Deleted Now – Click here for Archive Screenshot ] [ Deleted Now – Click here for Search Result Screenshot ] [ Deleted Now – Click here for Article Screenshot ] [ Deleted NowClick here for Archive Screenshot ] [ Deleted Now – Click here for Archive Screenshot ] [ Deleted Now – Click here for Archive Screenshot ]

Apart from the above Publications,  we do have some Credible Publications which ain’t cheap too. These Publications allow you to post anything under their advertising program. So it’s no surprise to see Travis Bott’s Feature Article in this publication. Publications like Jpost cost $800, Village Voice $999, Flaunt $999, etc from Publications directly.


Getting mentioned in the Entrepreneur article is no more a huge challenge as long as anyone has the budget for it. Entrepreneur India allows you to post any content under their Brand  Content Program for $1000 – $1500. This gives the opportunity for PR or Freelancer Service to the club’s many clients in a single article. Travis Bott’s mention in this Entrepreneur article is one of those examples.

Update: The article is Deleted now.


Why not Forbes Monaco if we cannot make it to Forbes USA? Forbes Monaco like Entrepreneur India allows Brand Content where anyone can publish their desired content under any author name by opting for their Brand Content Program. The Forbes Mexico Author ” Thomas Herd ” is common to other publications too such as  Village Voice. Looks like we know his PR Guy. Btw, You can post your Article on Forbes Monaco for $3000.

We loved to see Travis Bott’s organic and real articles but not his Paid Success Stories.


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