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Trey Colley, QuickJump | Instagram Growth & Fake Articles




“Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley is an entrepreneur and the founder of the QuickJump and BlueChip. – Bio from Fake Paid Articles.

Being into Instagram growth services, Trey Colley understands the importance of being in limelight and being verified.  Hence we can see lots of articles promoting him as an Influencer Marketing Expert and at the same time promoting his E-Commerce Automation  Service – BlueChip. If you visit his  Website – You will find below Marketing Banner portraying that he and his business has been featured in the below publications.  Seriously?  Those are Paid  and the written sentence should be “Paid  For”,  instead of “As Seen On”

Trey-ColleyLately, you will find him promoting Youtube Verification services or selling verified tik accounts, or unbanning social media accounts which he claims to be the only source. Just save your $$$ and go to SWAPD.CO where you will find this service at a 50% discounted price which he resells on his Instagram. Even Instagram growth can be purchased from this site – SWAPD.CO

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [Verified due to below-paid articles ] [Verified due to below-paid articles ]


Trey Colley’s features article is about how he has helped his clients garner hundreds of thousands of followers and 7-figures a year by fully optimizing Instagram. This is a little difficult to digest after looking at the all-paid fake articles that are posted by himself in various publications by paying them. Most of his paid interviews and feature articles portray him as a struggler and how he overcomes it through hard work which might be true but not the below-published interviews and feature articles which are sponsored and brand content.  The advantage of sponsor Posts is that you can post anything you want about yourself. No one does validation. We read one of his articles which says that “He has topped the list of entrepreneurs”. Seriously? Who declared that list? Your PR Agency?

As we already know Publications such as Hauteliving, Techtimes, and Jpost are famous for Pay to Publishing. You can publish anything you want merely by paying. So what’s great about reading all the below articles? Can we really trust his expertise when all of the interviews/features are paid to glamorize him?


Apart from Paid  Fake Publishing, below are paid interviews which are usually sold in packages for verification purposes. It all takes a decent budget to buy the below publication in package or can buy individually.  The price range varies from $100 – $999. There are many freelancing sites such as,, and where this publication is sold for PR Purposes. Trey Colley resells many  PR Services from through his  Instagram.


 Hope we will see some real publication featuring him for his skills.


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