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Usman Ashraf, Option Trader or Fake Artist for Verification?




“Usman Ashraf is a founder of OptionHub, Ashraf foundation & an Options Trader.” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Usman Ashraf’s paid interviews and feature articles say he dropped out of Medical school to follow his dream career – Trading.  Usman is using paid articles method to share his story and success to help inspire others to change their life situation through his trading courses.  When you are offering certain courses, you need to have credibility first, and what could have been the best method to build credibility and increase trust?

Getting featured in media outlets/publications not only helps to enhance your credibility but also supports verification. So why not do it? Usman Ashraf is very thankful for one of the paid articles on Social media as if it’s Real and Organic.



OptionHub Founder Usman Ashraf’s one set of fake paid articles and interviews are around trading while the second set is around him being a musician/artist which is usually done for Social media verification. His struggle, expertise, and skillset may be true but not the below feature articles that anyone can buy for $50 – $299 from any PR / SEO Service provider.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified as Fake Artist]


Umar Ashraf’s most of the articles are around spam publications where he made sure that he portrayed himself as a  successful trader who wants to help others along the way. These publications are easily available for anyone to publish their own self-draft content on For example – An article on Disruptmagazine cost $49, vents magazine $10 and Yahoo finance cost $299. The article is merely written for PR purposes and does not provide any value to the readers same as Usmar Ashraf’s article.

Usman-Ashraf Trader


Just like his brother Umar Ashraf,  Usman Ashraf opted for paid articles but portrayed himself as a fake Music Artist. Getting verified as an ARTIST is easier as compared to Entrepreneur. This is why Usman Ashraf chose to do fake paid articles as a rising artist. This is a tactic that the PR industry practice to get their clients verified on social media platforms. The below Publications are usually sold in a Music PR package for verification. The overall purpose of this article is to populate Search engines with your name as Artist.

A publication like Outlook India charges $200,  LiveMint $150,  LA Progressive $150, etc.


He educates on how to be a successful Trader. Maybe he can educate us on how to get verified as Artist.


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