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Viktoria Fox, Polaris Capital & Her Fake Paid Articles




” Viktoria Fox is an American socialite, model, actress, businesswoman, and beauty pageant titleholder.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Victoria Fox is Businesswomen & Crypto enthusiast. She founded Polaris Capital, a multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency mining company without any venture capital funding. Definitely, she is an entrepreneur and a hard-working woman. Successful women do need promotion and branding. So why not do Paid PR to stand out from the crowd? This is why we can see her doing a lot of Paid Interviews and Success stories. These articles are worth the investment as it enhances credibility and at the same support social media verification.

We can see Victoria Fox sharing those Paid Articles on her Social Media as if it’s real and organic. Her achievements are real but not in the below-paid interviews and feature articles. Those are 100% Paid that anyone can publish for $$$.




You will find Viktoria Fox flaunting her Forbes India Article on Instagram and Twitter with a caption something like ” Thank you India” @forbesindia 🇮🇳 for this rare and coveted opportunity“. Seriously? This is not a rare opportunity. This is basically Paid Article.  The content is basically published under the Brand Connect category with the disclaimer ” No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.“. Everyone knows that it takes approx $800 to $1000 to get your article published in Forbes India. It doesn’t matter what you publish. It basically pays to Publish. So there is nothing great about Forbes India Paid Article.


She went a little ahead by branding herself with more Paid Articles on RitzHerald [ ] with titles something like ” Viktoria Fox Lands the Cover of Forbes”. That isn’t landing. That’s Paying. An appropriate title would have been ” Viktoria Fox Buying Forbes India Article”.  Btw You can buy RitzHerald Article mere for $100.

Viktoria Fox is also covered in Forbes  USA. Her Feature Article by Tommy Williams is Paid and is covered by our publication for his Paid PR activity.  It all takes the right PR agency with whom Tommy works and a budget of $3500 – $5000 to get someone featured.


There are many more publications where we can see her Paid Feature Articles. These publications allow anyone to publish their own content for $50 – $100. You can visit freelancing sites like or  and find tons of freelancers offering the services to post your drafted article in the below publications. Anything we read about her in the below articles is Fake and Paid.


To keep it short, you cannot call yourself Entrepreneur just by posting a few fake articles.


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