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Zara Harutyunyan, CRMC Aesthetics & Fake Paid Articles




” Zara Harutyunyan is the Aesthetic specialist and nurse practitioner. She is also the founder of one medical aesthetics center- CRMC Aesthetics [ Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center ] Los Angeles, CA.  ” – Bio from Fake Paid  Articles

She is a respected doctor and an industry leader, and her expertise is highly recognized. Many aesthetic medicine aspirants from all around the world seek her mentorship and guidance. She definitely deserves exposure in various publications and news media outlets. This is why you can see her getting featured and interviewed in various publications. The only issue here is that those are Fake, Paid and Self Posted.

She does have some organic media coverage in a few publications but most of her mentions are Paid and are on Publications that run solely on the Pay to Publish Model. If your website her CRMC Aesthetics website, you will find below a banner taking pride in getting featured in those publications which are actually paid and fake.

Featured-Zara-Harutyunyan-BannerLooks like She has done all these Paid articles to get Verified. You can follow her paid article and get yourself verified too. But you need $$$$.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid  Articles ]


Zara Harutyunyan understands the importance of getting covered in media outlets to stand out of the competition, hence you can see her articles everywhere on google. But unfortunately, her feature articles or interviews can be seen on the publication which is open to all to publish their own article for $$$. These publications do not care about credibility or believe in fact-checking.

Zara Harutyunyan of  Cosmetic Rejuvenation Medical Center is taking pride in these paid articles as if they have featured her organically. You  can  see the  Banner of his publications on her website [ ]


These articles are called sponsor / Brand  Content which comes with a disclaimer. You just have to draft your own article, glamorize the way you want about yourself and get it published.  Since these are paid articles, you have the freedom to write anything about yourself or any specific topics. Publication such as Village Voice, Times of Israel, and Ibtimes is a known publication that is considered by Social Media Team for Verification. The commercial to get your article published ranges from $400 – $800.

Sponsor-Content---Zara-HarutyunyanZara Harutyunyan may claim that she was not aware of these publications involved in Pay to Publish. But when you see your articles popping out in the below publications in a specific span of time then no rocket science is required to understand the nature of the Article.  You can see her appreciating Press for all the Coverage on her Facebook  Page. Seriously? That’s  Natural and Organic appreciation !! –

Her articles portray her expert and you can see her sharing various tips and insights about the aesthetic niche. The article is surely informative from the reader’s perspective view but that would have been more valuable if she has shared those tips rather than content written by some PR agency content writer. We explored the below-paid articles that she did to promote herself and are purely Fake and  Paid.  Below Publications are available on where various freelancers offer these paid posting services.

For Example, An article on  Futureshark can be directly bought from them through this link  – or the Article on Disrupt Magazine /  Influencive can be bought for $50.   Name any publications from the below link and they are available to purchase.


Zara Harutyunyan is on FORBES. How?

Getting Featured in Forbes is a matter of pride but not when you pay for that article. Earlier she was mentioned in one of the articles of Stephanie Burns that goes with titled ” No Business Experience? You Can Still Start A Successful Company“. That brand mentioned by Stephanie Burns is highly suspected of Paid Guest Post because she is on our list of Forbes Paid Contributors and many of her posts are paid.

Forbes-Mexico-Zara-HarutyunyanWhat surprises us is the Feature Article on Forbes  Monaco. Let me tell you just like Forbes India allow any content to be posted in Forbes India for $$$ under  Brand Content, the same way Forbes Monaco too allows any content for $3000. This is why you will find many Entrepreneurs are featured on Forbes Monaco or India.

With the help of these paid articles, She is verified on Instagram and waiting for her Facebook Page to get verified. Her investment in Fake paid articles was really worth the investment. You can use her Fake paid articles as a case study to get verified for yourself.

We look forward to more of her Paid Interviews and Feature Articles.


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