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Ferhat Kacmaz, Fit in Time | FitBurn & Fake Paid Articles




Ferhat Kacmaz, the CEO and Founder of Fit in Time, a chain of EMS Fitness locations across the Middle East and Germany, Owner of The Gallery Club and FitBurn, a fitness lifestyle application. – Bio from Paid Articles

Ferhat Kacmaz‘s paid articles revolve around his EMS fitness chain and a fitness lifestyle application that enables its user to earn money in the form of Calorie tokens. As per paid interviews, Ferhat Kacmaz started his EMS fitness chain called Fit in Time in Germany in 2011. In 2012, he moved to Dubai and took over his business even in the Middle East. Currently, his franchise has 26 locations with various expansion plans in the coming years. But the highlight of his paid articles is FitBurn, his new burn-to-earn app which rewards users in digital currencies. As unique as it sounds, Ferhat is seen promoting his app in paid articles which might make an impact on new readers who might want to try this new feature.

Also when you are investing in Paid Articles, then why not use them for Self Branding? Ferhat Kacmaz flaunts the paid articles on social media as if its Organic coverage.


Ferhat Kacmaz’s achievements are real but not his interviews and success stories which can be purchased from the publication itself or from the PR service providers in the form of a PR Package.

Please note that the information on Paid PR is submitted by Guest Author ( Lakshay Jain ). Lakshay Jain has explicitly stated that they did not receive any payment from Ferhat for any PR-related tasks.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified later de -verified ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Ferhat Kacmaz has been featured in a lot of Indian Publications and premium Publications. There are very few Publications that feature cryptocurrencies but when money is involved, these Publications would mind less about it. Hence, Ferhat Kacmaz has strategically published his articles in Indian Publications as they do not care much about the content when it’s paid. They publish articles under their brand content with disclaimers. It seems that These articles helped him get verified on Twitter, hence spending money on paid articles has been fruitful for Ferhat Kacmaz.

Indian Publication Costs anywhere from $100 – $250 per Publication. For example –  Outlook  India  $300, The Print $250, etc.


Apart from Indian Publications, the Founder of FitBurn can be seen in many mid-tier publications which are also known for the “Pay to Publish” model. These publications also publish any content as long you pay them. Anything we read in the below links is self-drafted and paid. The article provides no value it is written with the purpose of  Verification in which Name in Title is mandatory.



Forbes Monaco article cost $2000 – $3000. They publish an article with the disclaimer “The content featured in this article is a brand produced.” which itself is self-explanatory that it’s Paid not organic. You have the leverage to draft your own interview-format article and publish it.

Ferhat Kacmaz Forbes article is 100% Brand  Content.


Through these paid PR  articles, Ferhat Kacmaz has built a positive reputation online. We look forward to some real coverage.


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