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Jill Griffin, Forbes Contributor & Paid PR Mentions



Forbes is a USA media outlet and probably one of the top publications in the world where every brands or entrepreneurs want to get featured in this. People want to be covered in Forbes because it offers several benefits such as Increases credibility, Increase exposure and Helps with verification. But Getting coverage in prestigious publications like Forbes can be challenging. One way is to pitch your story or provide valuable insights to the contributors, hoping they mention or link back to you. However, this process is time-consuming, and many pitches get ignored.

Fortunately, there are PR agencies that have contacts with Forbes contributors. These contributors are familiar with the publication’s guidelines and know how to feature you in a way that fits naturally with the content. However, they usually work on a paid basis and avoid publicizing their involvement in paid arrangements.


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One of such Forbes Contributor is Jill Griffin. Jill Griffin is a Vice Chair of Luby’s/Fuddruckers Restaurants, NYSE Independent Corporate Board Director and author of book “Customer Loyalty: How to Earn it, How to keep it”. In her Forbes column, she delivers feature articles primarily in the form of interviews, providing significant value to the readers. Nonetheless, we must also acknowledge the presence of some paid feature articles, which we will examine further.

Disclaimer: Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch.

Law Brother’s Feature Articles

Feature article of Shervin and Shawn Lalezary, founders of Law Brothers has invested wisely on Forbes Feature Article. We cannot deny the fact that the Forbes feature article “Why Technology And Innovation Are Paramount In Today’s World To Succeed In Business” isn’t paid.


LeadOrigin Founder’s Feature Articles

In various other paid PR articles, Zohaib and Bilal Patoli, founder of LeadOrigin , proudly assert their accomplishment of creating a Multi-Million Dollar Empire. Consequently, their decision to invest in a Forbes article appears wise  given the platform’s reach and credibility along with their other paid articles on Voyage Dallas, NY Weekly, & KivoDaily. Furthermore, Jill Griffin, an accomplished writer, has beautifully captured the essence of their journey in a remarkable feature article.


The List can go on…


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