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Kate Vitasek, Forbes Contributor & Paid PR Mentions




Forbes is a long-standing media company in the US that has been providing global news and insights for over a century. It’s a highly respected publication, which makes it important for building your brand and getting noticed. If you can get a backlink from Forbes, it can also improve your search engine rankings. However, getting featured or getting a backlink from Forbes can be challenging if you don’t already have credibility.

The best way to get featured in Forbes is to reach out and pitch yourself to their contributors or even become a contributor yourself. If that’s not possible, you can consider another option, which involves using PR services. These PR service providers have connections with Forbes contributors and can help you get featured by working out payment options.

Another option is to check out platforms like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or Upwork where you can hire freelancers who have experience with Forbes-related work. This way, you might be able to achieve similar results for your brand or business. We tried few PR agency for Forbes Services and suprising our links were placed in Forbes Contributor Kate Vitasek.


Kate Vitasek is a Forbes Contributor known for her research and the Vested® business model, which promotes strong collaborations between businesses. She works as a faculty member at the University of Tennessee. Kate Vitasek creates valuable content on leadership in her forbes column, and many of her articles are well-written, providing great value to the readers. However, some of these articles are filled with paid mentions in format of ” Name + Position  + Company Name & Backlink”, which we will explore below with some samples.

Disclaimer: Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch.

Paid Mention of Dr.Parwiz Daud, CNO at Validus .

Dr. Daud is a London entrepreneur and promoter of Validus and One coin clone He has lot of paid articles in publications like ustimesnow, scoopearth, and ceoweekly. However, Dr. Daud has faced criticism and has been involved in controversial MLM projects, which is why he needs some positive press. One great option for him would be to get featured in Forbes.


Paid Mention of Jared Ward, founder and CEO of Luminous

Mention of Jared Ward can be seen below which is also a paid mention. The article overall not only has brand mention but also gives value to reader. While the article and the backlink may appear organic, they are actually paid for.


Paid Mention of Stephen Kurtz, president of Total IT

Here is one more article and  there’s a paid mention for a client named Stephen Kurtz. If you know about PR, it’s easy to recognize the paid mention format, which includes “Name + Position + Company Name & Backlink.”


There are many more examples like this if you browse her articles. You’ll find numerous paid mentions, typically in the form of “Name + Position + Company Name & Backlink,” appearing as comments, quotes, or advice.

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