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Mike Che Bugembe, Forbes Contributor & Paid PR Mentions


on is the top tier publication, a globally renowned business and financial media company. It is known for its coverage of business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle topics. Getting featured on is highly significant for individuals and businesses as it provides a prestigious platform to showcase expertise, gain credibility, and reach a broad audience of influential readers, potential investors, and industry professionals. In short brand or business has the potential to significantly boost trust levels among its clients, leading to a substantial increase in credibility and reputation if they can manage to secure spot in Forbes.

Forbes contributors typically avoid engaging in paid PR activities. Nevertheless, some Forbes contributors collaborate with PR agencies or freelancers to highlight their clients in upcoming articles, often through methods such as Brand Mention or Feature Article. Brand Mention typically involves featuring clients in an article through quotes that include their designation and a backlink. This approach creates a neutral and organic coverage of the client within the article. While A Feature Article centers entirely on the client itself. It revolves around the article’s substance and focuses on its key themes and information.


Forbes Profile
Status: Authorship Suspended ( as of 19th Nov 2023 )

We’ve identified Mike Che Bugembe as one such Forbes contributor. He specializes in writing articles centered around AI and is the author of “Cracking the Data Code.” Additionally, he serves as the co-founder of an AI-powered data story platform. Mike’s Forbes column features fantastic articles that are truly worth reading. It’s important to note, however, that there are specific articles within his profile that constitute paid collaborations.

Recognizing these paid mentions doesn’t demand an advanced understanding; they are easily distinguishable from organic content.

Disclaimer: Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch.


Alex Bellini, the CEO and founder of GetDandy has already done lot of paid PR articles such as USATODAY, IBTIMES, MERCURY NEWS etc. The mention of GetDandy in the article below is part of a paid inclusion arranged by Mike Bugembe, presented in the form of feature articles.

GetDandy Forbes


Tedi Ticic, a Croatian entrepreneur, author, and crypto trader, is recognized for his extensive portfolio of branded and sponsored PR interviews, as well as feature articles. We have featured him on our website, showcasing all his paid PR articles. It’s evident, without the need for intricate analysis, that Tedi’s Forbes article, authored by Forbes contributor Mike Bugembe, is a result of a paid collaboration.



A Forbes contributor can also highlight the client through a “Brand Mention.” This method appears organic and is cost-effective. These mentions typically include the CEO’s name and a backlink. Max Entin, CEO of HomeBuddy mention is the perfect example of this.


The List can go on…

Updated : 25th Nov 2023


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