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Oluwaseun Adeyanju, Forbes Contributor & Paid PR Mentions



Oluwaseun-Adeyanju-Forbes, a prominent US media outlet, has been a trusted source of global news and insights for over a century. It holds immense value for SEO experts, entrepreneurs, and brands alike, serving as a pivotal tool for building brand recognition and enhancing visibility. Securing a mention or backlink from Forbes can significantly bolster credibility and instill trust in a brand.

To secure coverage on Forbes, individuals can proactively engage with Forbes contributors or explore the possibility of becoming contributors themselves. Alternatively, the option of utilizing PR services presents itself. These services possess valuable connections with Forbes contributors, facilitating the opportunity for features, often with flexible payment plans. This approach proves to be a strategic maneuver in the fiercely competitive digital landscape.

Alternately, platforms like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or Swapd can help you to connect with freelancer offering Forbes-related services, providing an accessible route to navigate the complexities of media exposure. If not, you can check out our list of Forbes contributors who provide paid PR services, as mentioned here. One of such forbes Contributor is Oluwaseun Adeyanju. He is a writer specializing in finance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain topics. Additionally, he serves as the editor of Mariblock, a blockchain publication centered around Africa.


Forbes Profile
Status: Suspended

Oluwaseun contributes to Forbes in the Digital Assets category, focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrency topics in his column. While most of his content revolves around genuine discussions, we have identified specific articles that appear to be paid mentions, referred to as Feature Articles. Recognizing these paid mentions doesn’t demand an advanced understanding; they are easily distinguishable from organic content.


Oluwaseun Craig Adeyanju deserves praise for his authentic feature on Ruslan Sharov, the CEO of Cheelee []. Although the article provides valuable information, it’s important to note the inclusion of Cheelee, especially considering their presence in other PR articles on platforms such as IBTimes, Finance Magnates, and London Economic.



Parsiq is a blockchain data infrastructure startup which is organically covered by Oluwaseun in his Forbes column.


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