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Arash Barmaan, Founder BOOS & Fake Paid Articles




Arash Barmaan is the Founder and CEO of BOOS, a Dating App for the Persian-Jewish Community – Bio from Paid Article

Arash Barmaan‘s fake paid interviews and feature article about his struggles, success, and his Persian-Jewish online dating app Boo’s. Arash‘s story begins with his dream of becoming an NBA player and breaking his family’s stereotype of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. But that didn’t work out so he planned to become an NBA Athletic trainer. He is also planning on creating one more dating app and what could have been better ways to promote other than PR articles?

Arash Barmaan‘s Paid PR team has been working hard on featuring in a lot of publications. So much so that they have also got him on Quora which helps in reputation building. It’s one of the traditional ways to enhance your google ranking. This method is mainly used for SEO and is still used by a few to increase name mentions on the internet. Through Quora reputation building, one fake account asks the question and another fake account answers the question.

Seriously who  cares “What is the lifestyle of Arash Barmaan” or “Who is the founder and CEO of the dating app Boos?” It’s one of the traditional ways to enhance your google ranking.


His achievements and skillset are true but not his below interviews and feature articles which can be purchased from any Freelancing site or PR Service provider.



Getting featured in publications not only helps to enhance credibility but also supports verification. Hence American-Iranian entrepreneurs opting for the paid feature is justified. Arash Barmaan’s paid feature articles are mostly around promoting himself and his dating app, BOOS. These articles are poorly written and published in spam publications which work on the “pay to Publish” model.  These publications can be purchased from freelancing sites like Fiverr for $10 – $100 where you submit your own content and they publish it without any editorial review.

So basically whatever you read below is self-draft content and paid.


Image  Credit: Images obtained through the Google Search Interviews


Wikitia and Everybodywiki are spinoffs of Wikipedia pages. Getting your profile on Wikipedia needs immense credibility but when you don’t have that credibility to get your profile on Wikipedia then you choose such dupe sites to upload your profile. Anybody can pay $50 and get their profile on these sites.

Such practices Arash Barmaan might deny it but he should really ask his Paid PR team whether it is true or not.


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