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Francis Volpe, Y Not You Media & Fake Paid Articles




Francis Volpe is a Music Artist, Digital Marketer and the co-Founder of a Digital Media Agency ‘Y Not You Media”. – Bio from Paid Articles

Francis Volpe’s paid articles on various publications speak revolves around Digital Marketing tips/advice along with the story of how his career changed from low profile to becoming Co-founder of the Agency. The co-founder of New York-based digital marketing agency “Y Not You Media”, is an experienced digital marketing professional and understands the importance of Digital Presence. Hence his action of buying paid placement in various publications is justified.

The benefit of this Paid article is that it enhances credibility, serves sample for your client for Feature Article /  Digital Presence and  Social Media  Verification. Irrespective of the purpose of these paid articles, this isn’t a Cheap Investment. And when you claim to be a 6  – 7 Figure Company then investing $$$$ in Fake Paid Article is a wise decision.

Also, you can use the publications in your marketing collateral to claim that you have been  Featured. The real statement has to be “Paid  For”.  These Publications are easily available on for $10 – $20.   Someone here using logos of NBC, Fox  News as if He was really featured on those sites. Publishing an article on affiliate sites of Press Release aggregator for $25 which publishes on 20  – 50  affiliate sites of NBC, Fox News, CBS does not rule that you actually have been featured there.   Below is the banner placed on Francis Volpe’s Website.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ $50 profile can be purchased from Fiver ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


While Francis Volpe is dedicated to creating wonderful content for his clients, while at the same time he is also focused on content marketing for himself through Fake & Paid Feature / Interviews article. His few paid articles claim that he is one of the most sought out content strategists in Westchester, NY along with his business partner which is difficult to digest.  Because when you are paying for the articles,  then you are free to claim or glorify anything you want.

He also uses his existing Self Published paid Articles of one publication to promote himself on some other publications and his agency. For example, An article on Village Voice Says “Francis Volpe was also featured in many media outlets, including the California Herald, Kivo Daily, The American Reporter, and others”  Seriously?  You were Featured or You actually pay for them? 

Publications such as NYWeekly, JPost, OceanDriveVillageVoice, etc allow you to post any article about yourself for $999.  You can directly contact this publication or can opt for PR Services to publish this sponsored content. In his case, it looks like DN News Network is the Paid Article Publishing Service Provider. Seems like Francis Volpe is desperate to get verified but not verified yet.

Sponsor-Content [ $500  publication on ] [ Directly contact the publication for paid  article] [ Directly contact the publication for paid  article] [ Directly contact the publication for paid  article]

Apart from  Disclaimer / Sponsor Based Content, Many of his articles look like Organic and Real Feature / Interview articles but they are not. The article on the below publications is also  100% Fake and Paid. You just have to give them the drafted content and they merely publish anything as long you pay their Fee. Publications such as Kivo  Daily, Influencive, The American  Reporter, etc are known for their “Pay to  Publish  Model”.  This can be bought for $50 – $100  from PeoplePerHour or


Entrepreneur 30 Under 30. Real or Another  Paid Placement?

Getting featured yourself Listed or your Agency – Y Not You Media in Media Outlets or Publications list of “30 Under 30” is a matter of prestige and appreciation.  But when you cannot make on Prestigious outlet/institution then why not pay to be on Paid  List.

A publication like  NYWEEKLY comes up with their own list where they include lots of entrepreneurs. And the only criteria are $300 – $500. Entrepreneurs in this List are those people who can be seen doing lots of Paid Articles.  Francis Volpe mentioned in this List is also Paid – . The NYWEEKLY list has no credibility which is just created for monetization purposes by offering the spot to desperate entrepreneurs.


Another such article is of Entrepreneur [ ]  –  ”  15 entrepreneurs under 30 to consider  ” Getting featured in Entrepreneur USA requires strict vetting of the individual’s credibility and they do not allow any random so-called entrepreneurs to be covered in their publications by any of the contributors. But When you have a budget of $3000, then you can get featured on under their Brand  Content Program. The author of this article where Francis Volpe is mentioned has clubbed a few entrepreneurs whom she charged $$$ and listed them in the so-called Entrepreneurs under 30 List.   The  Article is also Paid and Has no  Credibility itself.

Sharing is a Wise Decision in  Paid Articles.

Some publications really drill holes in the Pocket.  So it’s an old trend of the PR  industry to club two entrepreneurs in a Single paid article to save the expense.  This is what we see with publications that are expensive or flexible with the acceptance of content.   Francis Volpe sharing Paid  Article spot with other Entrepreneur on  IB Times, Times of Israel, Maximum is also Paid and Fake. The Google search of other Entrepreneurs who are with Francis Volpe can take you to tons of Paid articles done by themselves too. Looks like All  Entrepreneurs are on the Same Journey – Post Fake Paid Articles everywhere and get verified.

IB Times UK’s article of  Francis Volpe Sharing Paid  Article  spot with Dr. Kami Parsa

Times of Israel’s article of Francis Volpe Sharing Paid  Article spot with Ryan Buttigieg –

Maxim’s article of Francis Volpe Sharing Paid  Article spot with Marcus Blandin

We  look forward to more of his Fake Paid Articles


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