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Frankie Quiroz, Ecommerce Brand Mentorship & Fake Articles




Frankie Quiroz, an eCommerce Brand Mentorship Coach, Ex-Founder of Tuned in Tokyo and Drip Creationz – Bio from Paid Articles

Talking about Frankie Quiroz and his paid interviews and paid articles, we have perceived that Frankie has used this platform to promote his business as well as his success stories. Prior paid articles were majorly about his companies – Tuned in Tokyo, Drip Creationz followed by his own article either for self-branding or for verification. This paid feature article glorifies his achievements and how he built 8 figures online business. A successful entrepreneur really needs coverage and appreciation. What could have been the best way to stand out from the crowd and connect to the masses with so many achievements?  A full-featured Interview article is the right solution that not only enhances your credibility but also increases the trust factor among your followers. His life’s struggles, skillets, and achievements are very inspiring and true but not the below articles which are paid and sponsored in nature.

He has wisely used his paid articles for branding and self-marketing which we can see from his website or Social Media sharing where he claims to be covered by this publication but the fact always remains that those are self-drafted and Paid.


Update: Currently he started selling his Brand Mentorship Courses where he mentors young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the ecomm niche. Since Frankie is verified on social media platforms, his credibility is indisputable and this verification badge is helping him sell his mentorship courses. That’s the power of the blue tick which he achieved with the help of the below-paid articles. Also, his mentorship slot never fills out and is on sale all the time at a discounted price. Seems like selling courses is the only thing left after his exit from Tuned in Tokyo.


SOCIAL PRESENCE:   [ He got Verified after he did the below Paid ] [ He got Verified after he did the below Paid ] [ Old Facebook group ]



Brand Mentorship founder, Frankie Quiroz benefitted from these paid articles and also he got his social media accounts to get verified. Frankie has got his articles from semi-premium and premium publications which help in enhancing the credibility but are posted with a disclaimer. Most of his articles are published in publications that are known for the “Pay to Publish” model. These articles are self-drafted which the Publications publish without any fact checks.


Publishing an article in the below publication is never a task and merely takes anywhere from $50 – $299 that be purchased from any PR freelancer or from websites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, or Swapd. When it is paid then you can publish anything you like and as many times you want. A perfect example can be seen below he got his articles published in the same publication twice or thrice with different narratives.

Looks like Thriveglobal is Tuned in Tokyo founder’s favorite publication. Btw, it takes $10 to post on this.


Getting Featured on only requires someone to have a budget of $1500 – $2000. allows everyone to post their content under their Brand Content Program. They even add tags like “Promoted” or “Sponsored” if the content is promotional. A perfect example of such Brand Content can be seen in the below paid where Frankie Quiroz is mentioned as “9 Influential Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2020 “. He even shared this on Social Media as if he is really covered with Gary, Grant, and Tai. SERIOUSLY? You can mention even Mark Zuckerberg in a list and put you in that as you are paying for sponsor content.

Old Article that was deleted

Frankie Quiroz Paid Article


Frankie Quiroz’s best purchase is Forbes USA. And who doesn’t know Shama Hyder – A contributor on Forbes working with various PR agencies? The Article looks organic but it is not. When you are into a successful business earning $$$$$ then it’s a wise decision to invest some in Top  Tier Publications. Btw due to her paid activity, she is now banned from Forbes. The way to get featured on Forbes is to know the right PR service provider and budget of $$$$. Alternatively, you can go to freelancing sites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, and Swapd and you will find tons of freelancers offering Forbes Service ranging from $1500 for a mention and $5000 for Feature articles.


His Investment in Paid Interviews  and  Feature Article was worth because it resulted in him getting Verified.


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