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Frankie Quiroz, Tuned Tokyo | Drip Creationz & Fake Paid Articles



“Frankie Quiroz is the Dropshiping Mentor, and Co-Founder of apparel brand “Tuned in Tokyo” and  Drip Creationz” – Bio from Paid Article

Frankie Quiroz is a dropshipping expert and runs a Facebook group helping others – He takes Live Q&A sessions to guide and mentor people. He was much more active during his starting phase of dropshipping. The Facebook group is kinda dead now.   He got verified after he did paid articles which we will explore later. He used maximum Indian Paid Publications for his Promotion. Probably he wanted to get verified, hence he was not bothered about publications much.

You may see him flaunting these paid articles on his social media as if they really covered you.  Seriously? It was paid, hence you were covered by those publications.


HIS SOCIAL PRESENCE:   ( He got Verified after he did the below Paid ) ( He got Verified after he did the below Paid )


Being in the online sales business, he understands the importance of selfing branding and PR.  Many of these paid articles portray him as, a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. No doubt, his struggle, and expertise is Real but definitely not his Interviews and Success Stories. The purpose of these articles was for verification which eventually he achieved. Some of the Publications are sponsored /  Brand Content which you can buy for $100 – $150. For example, an article on Hindustantimes can be bought for $200 while midday for $150.  You need to go to and search these publications and all of them are available to purchase.

You just need to give your own drafted article and the publication publishes it. This gives you the liberty to glamorize yourself as you like.

Frankie-Quiroz [ Free to register and post ] [ Sponsored Content ] [ Sponsored Content ] [ Sponsored Content ] [ Sponsored Content ] [ Published through Press Release ]


One of the articles that were published  earlier for deleted

He made one more attempt and did a sponsored post on Let’s have a look at this Sponsor Content Published on which he shared on Facebook and is feeling good about. Getting Mentioned along with Gary, Grant, and Tai. SERIOUSLY? You can mention even Mark Zuckerberg in a list and put you in that as you are paying for sponsor content. And the best part – SPONSOR CONTENT didn’t index in Google. So who cares who is listed in this list because it never gonna be indexed in Google?

Frankie Quiroz Paid Article


Frankie Quiroz’s best purchase is Forbes USA. And who doesn’t know Shama Hyder – Contributor on Forbes working under various PR agencies? The Article looks organic but it is not. When you are into a successful business earning $$$$$ then it’s a wise decision to invest some in Top  Tier Publications. Btw due to her paid activity, she is now banned from Forbes. The way to get featured on Forbes is to know the right PR service provider and budget of $$$$. Alternatively, you can go to  and you will find tons of freelancers offering Forbes Service. FRANKIE-QUIROZ-Forbes-Paid-Content

His Investment in paying the Contributor and Publication was worth because it resulted in him getting Verified.


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