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Giampaolo Ienna, NYC Real Estate & Fake Paid Articles




” Giampaolo Ienna is a Luxury Real Estate Agent at Douglas Elliman in NYC ” – Bio from  Paid Articles

Giampaolo ienna’s paid Interview and Feature Article is one of the fast-rising real estate brokers. He is currently associated with Douglas Elliman. Giampaolo Ienna’s paid articles speak about his life journey from struggle and hardship to a successful realtor. Giampaolo shares the desire to be better and improve his real estate portfolio to be one of the best in the industry. His story in the below-paid articles would have been a source of inspiration if they were real and organic instead of paid one.

Getting featured in media outlets enhances your credibility and becomes marketing collateral for your service.  We can see him using his fake paid articles on his website as if they are organic.

Giampaolo-Ienna-Sponsor-ArticleWhen you have invested in sponsor articles then flaunting media articles on social media is a must, here are some snippets of appreciating the publications for their coverage. Looks like Giampaolo Ienna is looking to get verified. [ Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. ] – The feature articles are the art of promoting without showing others that they are Paid [ I think they nailed me @deccanherald ] – Seriously? Paying and Posting your article and they nailed you?

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Giampaolo Ienna’s paid article says that he possesses the rare ability to know exactly what his clients are looking for.  Since all of his articles are Fake and Paid,  You have the liberty to write anything you want like giving an emotional or inspiring angle to the article to glorify yourself.  And he is doing well with his paid articles. It’s really rare to see a Real Estate Broker opting for Paid Articles / Feature Articles. Looks like someone pitched him for his Social  Media Verification.

Most of Giampaolo Ienna’s article is sponsored article and on publications where anyone can get their article published even without any credibility. It only requires you to invest $$$$.  These publications can be bought directly from there through the advertising options or you get them from

For example The American Reporter for $100, Deccan Herald for $150, The Statesman for $150, and more.



When you are not credible enough to get featured in Forbes USA. Then with $1000,  you can get featured on Forbes India. Forbes India is a shortcut to get featured on Forbes with $$$$. They allow you to post any Interview  / Feature Article under their Brand Content. Giampaolo Ienna’s article on Forbes India is 100% Fake and Paid.


We like to see more Real Interviews and Feature articles instead  of Sponsor, Paid, and Fake


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