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Gianni Senesi, King Gian Nezi | Entrepreneur or Fake Artist?




” Gianni Senesi is a self-claimed Social Media Expert, Fake Artist -King Gian Nezi and  Real Estate Entrepreneur ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Gianni Senesi a.k.a King Gian Nezi’s old paid Interviews and feature article portray him as a Social Media and Marketing Expert while the new paid articles portray him as an artist  – King Gian Nezi.  He himself being into Digital media services understands the importance of Self-branding, so it is understood why he must have opted for Paid Articles. Also when you are pitching your services to clients, you need credibility. And what could have been the best way to boost the credibility other than getting featured in Media outlets?

His Expertise and Skills may be True but definitely not his below Interviews and Feature articles. He has wisely used the below-Paid articles to market himself which we can see through his website [  – Closed ]  where he claims that he had been interviewed by the below publications.  Those are 100% Paid Articles that anyone can buy from Freelancer sites such as or for $50 – $100.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Dumped this Profile to  create a new Fake Artist Profile ] [ Created this IG to verify as Fake Artist ] [ Looks  like  he doing Paid Articles to get verified ] [ Fake Artist FB Page ]


Many of old Gianni Senesi’s paid interviews and feature articles are merely done for Social Media Verification without any value that any reader can get from his article. These articles come with a disclaimer as they are published as “brand content or “sponsor content” that anyone can purchase from the publication itself for $$$$. Since you are paying for publishing then you have the liberty to glamorize yourself as you like. The advantage of paid publishing is that there is No Validation and no Editorial Review.

For Example. An article on FutureShark  cost $275 [ ] , Influencive $100 and TechTimes $450.

Some publications (sorry not publications but spam blogs)  forgot to check the apostrophe punctuation and just did copy-paste from a word file due to which you can see that ” weird symbols” are in the article. – . Gianni Senesi needs to make sure to pay the publication who at least does the proper posting.


Also, Genuine Publication never publishes content that is posted somewhere else. For Example, the same article is in multiple publications.

Here are all the Fake Paid Articles of Gianni Senesi done for Verification. These publications are known for the Pay to-Publish Model.


Do not forget about his Paid Article on Entrepreneur posted under a Fake Profile of Rebecca Lee with the Title ” A Digitalpreneur On Top Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2021 “. Seriously?  That is a posted Paid article that you can directly buy for $1500 from Entrepreneur. What’s there to brag about then?



When you fail to get verified as Entrepreneur or you mess up your objective of getting featured in media outlets for verification, then there is an alternate method that is used by many PR service providers or agencies – “Getting Entrepreneurs verified as Fake Artists“.


The fake artist process is as follows:-

It is obvious that Gianni Senesi desperately wanted to get verified as an Artist. Due to this, we can see him pretending as an artist “King Gian Nezi” through his Fake PR articles that you can buy as Fake Artist PR Packages from Freelancing sites. By the way A real artist never has 0 Listeners on Spotify. [ Website  closed ]

Hope with this fake articles, he gets verified soon.


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