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Giovanna Silvestre, The Confused Girl & Paid Interviews



“Giovanna Silvestre is a travel blogger and the founder of the unique yoga wear company  Confused Girl” – Bio from paid Articles

Being a blogger and having a  brand, having a verification badge adds to your credibility and increases your chances to increase trust among your followers.  So it’s Natural for influencers like Giovanna Silvestre to opt for paid Interviews and Success Stories.  Articles that speak about her and her brand in an organic way so that it looks like natural coverage. Unfortunately, most of her interviews and success stories are Brand Content / Sponsored Content which is easy to identify by their tags. Brand Content / Sponsored Content is paid in Nature so it gives liberty to draft and submit your own content.

You may find below the banner on her website claiming to be covered in all those publications. But we all know the reality is different. You actually pay for these articles to get published.


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HER SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ She got verified after doing the below-Paid Articles. ] [ She got verified after doing the below Paid Interviews ]


Looking at her articles on the various publications under Brand Post clearly shows that she has paid for her own articles which any Link Seller or PR Guy can identify. The funny part is that she did a few paid articles on Indian publications such as Mid Day, Zee News, DNA, and more which are famous for Pay and Post ranging from $150 to $300. Looks like she was in desperation to get verified and Finally got verified.


Some Snippets of Sponsor Posts that you can buy by paying the Publications.

Who doesn’t know about the sponsor article that you can buy at a range of $700 to $800, followed by Disrupt magazine, Influencive, and many low-tier spam publications that are easily available with any link sellers ranging from $20 – $100.


Here are the more Paid Articles.

Seems like Giovanna Silvestre, Founder of Confused Girl is posting her own articles on various publications either to get her exposure or for social media verification.


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