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Hasan Süzer, Suzermed Clinic & Fake Paid Articles




Hasan Süzer, the founder of Süzer Holding and Suzermed Clinic, one of Turkey’s leading health tourism companies – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Hasan Süzer‘s paid interviews and feature articles, Süzer has brought a revolution in the medical tourism industry in Turkey. He mentions in his paid articles that he intends to bring Turkey’s medical tourism to a new level of excellence by recruiting top-notch surgeons and doctors in his team which will encourage clients to experience the best in his country. Great quality of care and affordable prices is what Süzer promises to his clients in these articles. One of his articles also mentions the statistics of how tourism was boosted post pandemics and aims to increase in the coming years.

Most of his paid placements emphasize top-notch services to international clients. He has also mentioned what all services are included in those services and the most important highlight of the article is affordable prices. That’s how Süzer‘s paid PR service providers have strategically written those articles so they target specific audiences and we are sure their sales are hitting the charts. With $$$ you can promote anything and everything is what these paid articles have proved. We are not doubting Hasan Süzer’s achievements and expertise but only questioning his paid and sponsored content.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Suzer Group Member, Hasan Süzer’s interviews and feature articles are seen mostly in publications that are known for their sponsored and brand content which allows anyone to post their own self-drafted content for $$$$. His paid PR service provider or maybe he himself has made sure that he is featured in mid-tier and premium publications but the amount of effort put into his content is remarkable. His articles are very unique and engaging as you go through them. He has made sure that his services are highlighted in the article along with the tagline “affordable prices”. He has spent a good amount of $$$$ on these publications which can be brought from freelancing sites but they come with a disclaimer or sponsor content.

For Example – Flaunt $499,  Khaleej  Times $799 , Ibtimes  UK $1499, etc

Hope Hasan Süzer  gets  some Real  Media Coverage


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