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How to get Featured on Forbes and other Publications




Disclaimer: The  Content is submitted by Guest Blogger: Mathew Monterio

As a business blogger, I have had the opportunity of coming across a lot of aspiring business owners. They all have one question – how to get featured in Forbes magazine. Well, my answer doesn’t always seem satisfactory to them. The reason is – it takes time and that’s what I tell them all. When you are just starting and your product does not have any brand value, getting featured in a top-notch magazine like Forbes would be a difficult task.

I agree it is not possible to sit around and wait up for the toppers to notice your business. A magazine like Forbes would do wonders for your business and increase the brand value up to several levels.

As a blogger who wrote regularly for Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other business magazines, I have seen that top-tier magazines like Forbes are handled by a huge content marketing team. To gain their attention, you would have to be in your professional best. You would have to explore these magazines and try to find out what kind of content gets published here.

Submitting the Article

Once you have learned what kind of articles gets published in the magazine, you would have to find a topic which you would like to write for Forbes. My advice would be to take the time to write this article. Don’t rush it as Forbes is a kind of magazine which would not think twice to reject your article.

Make sure to submit complete articles. Some end up submitting articles without drawing any obvious conclusion. This can be a turn-off

for the Forbes editors. Another important fact which you need to remember is – always submit unique articles. If you are planning to publish an article that has already been published elsewhere, let me assure you that you would get rejected.

Don’t expect them to publish your article or get back to you on the first day. They would review the article and it would take more than a couple of business days. In case, you don’t hear from them within a week of submitting your article, you can try to publish it somewhere else as it is safe to assume that Forbes does not want to publish the article.

To be a regular Forbes blogger and get your company featured in the magazine regularly, you would have to apply through Google Form. If you do this, the magazine would ask for your LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle for review. Manually you can submit your completed article of any length to [email protected] also.


Yes, there is always a conclusion. Here I will tell you to be patient and not to lose your heart. Keep trying despite the initial rejections. It took me three years of effort to get myself published in Forbes.

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