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Ibrahim Assad, Masterkey Car Rental & Fake Paid Articles




Ibrahim Assad, the Founder, and CEO of Masterkey Rent a Car, the co-founder of Masterkey Media and UAE Times Now – Bio from Paid Articles

Ibrahim Assad paid interviews and feature articles shares about his achievement and car rental company, Masterkey Rent a Car. Assad started this company in 2010 in Dubai and has been doing wonders since then. By accepting Bitcoin payments, Masterkey Hire a Car distinguishes itself as a distinctive vehicle rental company.  He started off with a small fleet of five automobiles for his rental company but has since increased it to over 100. Also, it is admirable that he plans to keep growing his company in the near future says his paid interviews.

Ibrahim Assad knows the importance of marketing and branding which is why he has chosen to get his articles published. Not only have these articles failed to assist him in promoting his business, but they have also provided a means of verification, which ultimately achieved the intended purpose. Assad has spent good money on these articles as you will see he has been published in semi-premium and premium publications. He is also verified on social media platforms, which in fact has enhanced his credibility among his followers and we can say that these articles have directly or indirectly helped him get the blue tick.

If someone invests $$$$ in paid interviews and success stories for Self-branding then it is wise to use those paid to market and the Co-founder of Masterkey Media doing well by sharing it on Instagram  [ ]


SOCIAL PRESENCE [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Ibrahim Assad has been doing a remarkable with his company that too at a very young age but his stunt of doing paid feature articles is something unnecessary. He has a promising business in the UAE but these paid articles have helped him in marketing his business more prominently.  It is easier to get your articles published when you have a good budget and a PR service provider.

Access to the publication through PR Services has enabled him to do multiple postings on the same publications with different feature angles which offers brand content /  sponsored content i.e one for himself and one for Masterkey Rent a Car. These Publications do not do any fact checks or have any editorial, hence it gives leverage to include anything you want in the article.

Moreover, his Paid Interviews and Feature Articles are mostly on Indian Publications that cost $80 – $300 and come with a disclaimer that is self-explanatory of it being paid.

Ibrahim-Assad--Masterkey-Rent-a-Car [ Press Release Service ]


Entrepreneur allows anyone to post their feature article under their brand content for $15000 – $2000, especially Entrepreneur India. Ibrahim’s article is one example of Paid Brand  Content. These can be purchased directly from Entrepreneur or through PR Services providers who sell these services on Fiver, PeoplePerHour and Swapd.


Ibrahim Assad understands the importance of verification and finally, he has achieved it.


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