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How Do Influencers Spend in Paid PR To Get Their Instagram Profile Verified?




Have you ever noticed how Instagram knows what you’re thinking about at the very moment? Well, it has cracked the code to the best marketing techniques becoming one of the most efficient marketplaces on the planet.

So, it is justified that Instagram becomes the home of celebrities, politicians, brands, and businesses, to name a few. And naturally, these profiles also have a significant influence over the masses as their followers pile up in Millions.

However, it is not all sunny. There have been numerous instances when duplicate profiles of these influencers and businesses were made with the sole motive of scamming people out of their money. The sheer number of these instances suddenly started skyrocketing, making the brains behind Instagram come up with new strategies to tackle these spammers and scammers. The outcome of the brainstorming went behind this problem was the ‘Verified Profile Tag’ denoted by the ‘Blue tick mark’. Pioneered by Twitter and followed by Facebook, this strategy is the best solution to tackle the trend of fake profiles and copycats on various social media platforms now.

How do these Verified Profiles work?

To think of it, the entire essence of these verified profiles lies solely in the ‘Blue tick mark’ that appears in front of the profile name. Having a verified profile on Instagram means that the profile has gone through various checks and is genuine. Verified Profile title is only handed to those who have had media coverage and influence strata of society, including celebrities, businesses, brands, influencers, etc.

So naturally, a comprehensive process lies behind giving out these tick marks. While you can easily apply for profile verification on your profile, it seldom proves useful. Moreover, Instagram hasn’t released any official guidelines about the complete verification process which makes getting your profile verified a bit more challenging.

Also, there have been instances when users who haven’t applied for the verification also wake up to a blue tick mark in front of their name on Instagram.

If there are no official guidelines about the verification process, then how does it work?

Looking at the profiles that got verified in the past, various PR professionals have discovered what generally works. Various PR agencies have come up having the solution to your profile verification needs. They charge a nominal fee and take you through everything that you need to do to get verified.

● Relevant media coverage

There’s been a myth in the industry that you need to be covered in top publications like Cosmo, the Entrepreneur, etc., to get verified. However, you need to be covered in relevant magazines irrespective of their size to get through this check. PR professionals have various contacts and a clear-cut understanding of where exactly you need to be published. This has made the lives of Instagram influencers a lot easier. They no longer have to wait for decent media coverage to get verified.

● A decent number of followers

What amounts to a decent number of followers is still a mystery. There are times when someone with a negligible amount of followers also gets verified. And, there are times when a huge number of followers is also not enough. But, one thing is for sure having a decent number of followers definitely helps your case.

● Genuine content

Having genuine content on your profile is highly crucial. You don’t have to post regularly, as you will notice that many celebrities rarely post content and still have verified profiles. The key is to post genuine and engaging content.

What’s the ground reality in the Instagram profiles verification?

While these are not the only factors that are considered while verifying profiles, these are definitely significant. And the PR industry professionals seem to have exactly figured the Instagram’s verification policies. They can also help you get verified even if Instagram has earlier rejected your verification request.

The debate around how ethical it is to pay PR professionals in getting your profile verified is ongoing. But, it has become a popular trend where Instagram influencers are paying PR professionals to get their profiles verified.

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