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Isabella Garofanelli, Travel | Lifestyle & Fake Paid Articles




“Isabella Garofanelli is a luxury travel expert, creative director, and brand strategist. She is the CEO of Your Luxe Lifestyle, Your Luxe Travel, and Brand Builder Factory” – Bio from Paid Articles.

So-called Instagram Star Isabella Garofanelli’s ( as one of the paid articles claims her Instagram star ) forte is mostly around luxury travel. She shares experiences/content on how to responsibly navigate the current as well as the post-pandemic luxury travel space for her followers / other content creators which are eye-soothing.

When you are into Luxury Travel, then having a verification badge on your profile seems a must. This adds to your credibility and increases trust factors among brands and followers. This is why it is understood that she opted for Paid Articles. Her Advises, Life Journey, struggles, and Achievements are Real but definitely not her Interviews / Feature Articles.  All of the below articles are Fake, Sponsored, and Self Posted which gives leverage to write anything you want about yourself.

Isabella Garofanelli’s Paid Story revolves around her sometimes being a  Luxury Travel, sometimes being a Coach,  and sometimes being a Digital Expert that we will explore ahead. Isabella Garofanelli may deny this being paid but we all know the reality. Those Paid Articles are either done by PR Agency or by herself. The below article does not doubt her expertise or skill set but just exposes the paid articles that she opted to get herself verified.  Maybe someone who has $$$$ can opt for paid articles and get verified like her.

Update: Btw, she is verified now. You can do the same paid feature articles to get verified.

HER SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified after doing below Paid articles ] [ Verified after doing below Paid articles ]


Isabella Garofanelli’s paid articles lying in Google Search look like she is giving advice or sharing her expertise in some specific topics such as  Tips to stay focused, Roadmap to Massive Success, Planning Tips, Finding Success,  Tips for Digital  Media Marketing, etc. But she really wrote or shared those? Or it’s just a content writer’s work just for Posting the article for Verification?

She herself being a Digital Media  Coach understands the importance of being in the Digital  Limelight through Feature / Interview Articles. Hence it’s not a surprise to see her Sponsor / Brand Content articles in various publications where anyone can post anything as long you pay their commercials.  The commercial to post on this publication varies from $300 – $700.  You can buy these publications from or


One of her paid articles says that  Organic Reach is very important in Digital Media. That’s  True !!  Similarly, when you are not a notable person then you need to opt for some Paid Articles which can look like Organic articles. Below are some more articles that may look real and organic,  but unfortunately even these articles are 100% Paid and Self Posted.  Few of them are posted on some random  Junk Nigerian Spam Publications.

Isabella-Garofanelli [ Free to Register and Anyone can post in community ] [ $100 Publications ] [ $100 Publications ]

Few of them are posted on some random  Junk Nigerian Spam Publications.


When we talk about Paid articles then how can we forget about Indian publications that are known for Pay to Publish or Sponsor Publication and are sold for $50 – $150. Paid Articles on Indians Publications were earlier used as one of the cheapest methods to get verified but lately many of them are either blacklisted or not considered. But few of them still are worth the investment.  Here are a few Indian publications where we can see Isabella Garofanelli’s fake paid articles.

You can buy Indian Outlook Paid Article for $200, Mid Day for $100, Deccan Herald for $150.


When you have $$$ then it’s not difficult to get featured on any publications under their brand  Content / Sponsor Content. Times of Israel & Village Voice. both are used for social media verification.  Then why not invest in these publications for Paid  Articles? This publication looks like offered BOGO (  Buy one Get one FREE ) to Isabella Garofanelli and published her article twice. Is it really a BOGO offer or did she pay twice for this? Maybe the service provider / PR Agency was desperate to get 2 articles on this publication.

A] Village Voice   [ ] – You can directly buy from this  Publications.


A] Times of Israel   [ ] – You can directly buy from this  Publications.



Paid Articles on some Publication can put a hole in your Pocket or may go out of Budget. So why not share the cost?  IB Times UK  seems costly and this is why the service provider or Isabella Garofanelli thought of clubbing the article with Robby Clark. Robby Clark’s paid articles can be seen on Google Everywhere.  You can read about Robby Clark’s Here.

You can directly buy Articles on Ibtimes by contacting and asking for their advertising commercial.


We so far found all of her articles Self, Paid, and Fake.  Hope to see more organic interviews than Paid.

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