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Jaiden Vu, Launcher’s Academy | Con Artist & Fake Paid Articles




“Johnson Vu – Jaiden Vu is an E-Commerce & Dropshipping Entrepreneur. Earlier, He was the Founder of Black Peached [ sales consulting firm ] and is now co-founder of Launcher’s Academy [ Dropping shipping program ].” – Bio from Paid Articles

Many of Jaiden Vu’s fake paid feature articles portray him to be a Dropshiping expert along with his life journey. His eCommerce journey starts with “Black Peached”, a digital sales and consulting firm that helps small businesses and individuals take their services online which is nowhere to be seen now followed by co-founding a dropping shipping program ” Launcher’s Academy” along with Christy Liu and Melissa Ng. This is just what the article reads about but the reality is that something different. Jaiden Vu has experience in Pyramid Scheme Jobs so selling some crap dropshipping courses is not a task for him. Before we explore his Fake Paid Interviews and Feature Articles, let’s explore his History. This History is shared with us from various sources by people who are directly or indirectly associated with him and lost their money. Beware !! he is a CON ARTIST.

  • He used to Sell Instagram Growth Program, convinced many people to buy, and sold some garbage information. It’s so funny that Someone was selling an IG Growth hack who himself doesn’t know anything other than using Bot to Follow and Unfollow accounts.  Scammed a few people selling  IG Growth and IG BOT. Instead  of a refund, he offered some alternate useless money-saving tips and tricks coaching services
  • He and his associates were in Real  Estate Flipping Business.  Lured some people to invest with ROI.  It didn’t really go well and ended up scamming a few investors.
  • He is good at taking favors and making aspiring and young people work for him for free in exchange for helping them out.
  • He never paid freelancers who did work for him with stupid excuses. For example Website Developers,  Graphic designers, and Suppliers.
  • He sold many Products that claim to be vegan under the Brand Name ” Vantura Cosmetics” which is just a blatant lie and also claimed that the part of sales will go to Charity but it never happened.

When you claim to be a Drop shopping Expert then you need to have some credibility for yourself first before you convince others to opt for your services. Jaiden Vu shares his experience and success mantra with young aspiring sellers through fake paid articles to enhance his credibility to sell his so-called “Dropshipping Success Kit“. If your kits are a success, then why do fake PR and paid articles? Well, when you are into sales, you know the importance of self-branding and hence, the Fake Paid  Interviews and Feature Articles.

Jaiden Vu’s Bio on Facebook says “Featured in LiveMint, Midday, Deccan Herald, IB Times UK, Wales Online UK and many more.” as if those are Real  Articles.

Jaiden Vu

Just to know that if his Dropshipping courses help to earn $$$$ that he shows in his  Instagram stories.  Then why not keep creating your own multiple stores – Rinse and Repeat instead of selling Courses at discounted prices? The Discounted prices are just to opt for the courses then it all starts with upselling the mentorship which is at a higher cost and includes dropshipping strategies which he just copied and are not enough to succeed today.  He can be seen recycling the same Instagram stories that include screenshots and testimony who aren’t even making a decent income with dropshipping.

His numbers and claims are just manipulative selling people’s dreams of earning $$$$ without telling the reality of the commerce such as difficulty in dropshipping, random Facebook bans, payment processing issues, etc. Hence Beware !!



Jaiden Vu [Johnson Vu ] claims to be an expert in Dropshipping and looking at his paid article,  it seems he really achieved this stature through his hard work and determination which is really applauding. However, at the same, we cannot ignore all of his fake paid interviews and feature articles that he did to promote himself and his program “Launcher’s Academy”.  His Instagram bio says “I Help People Make $10,000+ A Month Dropshipping”. Seriously? Someone who has vast knowledge and experience in dropshipping and has the capability to help others to make fortune needs to Sell Programs for $87.

In order to sell these programs,  you need some credibility and authority.  And this can be achieved by posting fake articles in various publications. Whatever you read about him is nothing but 100% Paid and Fake.  We came across one of his paid articles where he shares about Music. Seriously? Just post anything just because it is paid? Most of his  Articles are Posted with a Disclaimer. These publications charge $400  – $600 and they allow you to publish anything you want. Some of the publications are – Flaunt, DailyCaller, and VillageVoice.

Apart from we can also find some junk feature/interview articles in a few publications which can be purchased from or for $50 – $100. Some can be directly purchased from Publication  Itself.  For Example FutureShark for $175 [  ] | Disrupt Magazine for $50 | ThriveGlobal [ Free to Register and Post ]



Jaiden Vu is mentioned on under the Article “The Pandemic Economy Has Made Ecommerce More Indispensable Than Ever ” posted by Author Sarah Austin is  Paid.  A Brand Mention on comes to around $800 where the contributor merges  1  or 2 clients in a single article in form of a useful reference. This is usually called  Guest Posting. Many more article by Sarah  Austin has clients mention the article.

Entrepreneur Article –

An article on  Forbes can literally skyrocket your credibility. So it’s a wise investment if you are earning in $$$$.  An Article on Forbes can range from $1000   – $4000 depending on the ways you have been covered. Any  PR agency can help you to land on Forbes. Jaiden Vu’s Forbes article is 100% Paid. The article is just another Fake PAID article.

Forbes Article –


Many Publications charge a hefty commercial for Paid articles.  So sharing spots in a paid article with other Entrepreneurs is a way common way of Paid PR where they merge 2 clients in a single article to save the cost. In the end, the purpose is getting fulfilled, so why not?  – Get  Featured !! All the Entrepreneurs with whom Jaiden Vu can be seen in the paid interviews and articles are also on the journey of Fake & Paid Publicity.


IBTimes Paid Article with Joel Kaplan

Times of Israel Paid Article with Redoian El Hamdi

Somer Set Live Paid Article with Jon Paramore

After starting and scaling multiple eCommerce stores, Jaiden Vu focused on Paid Articles now and He is doing well with it


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