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Jason Humble, Humble Capital Group & Fake Paid Articles




Jason Humble is a Philanthropist, the Founder, and Chairman of Humble Capital Group.  – Bio from Paid Article

His Paid Interview / Success Stories and Feature Articles tell that he had a rough childhood. He was born to a single parent, who passed away too soon. He was adopted by an amazing family who supported him. In school, he was a bright student and an athlete. He completed college and also went on to pursue an MBA degree in business entrepreneurship. After learning about business, He went on to start his own company, Humble Capital Consulting. He is also a board member of Precious Dreams Foundation, a charity that helps children in the foster care system. Overall his life journey is true and really inspires. But only when it is presented to the masses. What could have been the best way other than getting featured in Media Outlets where he can share his expertise and stories? Unfortunately, those media coverages are Fake, Self Posted, and Paid.

No doubt Jason Humble has an inspiring story to share with his followers but he has been doing so with paid articles. He has been doing charitable work which is impressive and mentioning it in paid articles is a thumbs down. You can also see him flaunting his features on his social media [ Facebook Flaunting ] | [ ]. We are not doubting his credibility but his way of promoting himself through fake sponsors / paid articles.


Having your profile on Wikipedia is a matter of Pride and credibility but when you can’t make it to  Wikipedia then we always have a replica of Wikipedia where you can create a similar profile for $50.  And the best part is that it supports verification. His PR Service Provider made sure every way to promote him should be used.



Most of his Paid Articles are posted as Sponsor/Brand Content which accepts self-drafted articles with a disclaimer. Below publications offer anyone to publish their interview or success stories as long you pay $$$.  These publications solely run on the “Pay to Publish ” Model and are available to purchase from Freelancing sites like The Content is repetitive and poorly written. Looks like  Jason Humble didn’t review the content before publishing.

A grind Success Poster of Jason made him feel like he is on the cover page of Forbes or Entrepreneur but in reality, the publication itself lacks credibility and is just a WordPress theme site where anyone can publish anything for $50. To feel good the publication develops such posters for clients.


Jason Humble is on the list of Yahoo Listicle Articles which mentions 20 Entrepreneurs is another Paid  Article where multiple clients are charged and merged in a single article. Then it is published as a Press Release on AccessWire from where it syncs to Yahoo News  / Finance.  It takes $300 to publish an article on Yahoo News / Finance where you can claim anything you want.

Jason Humble Sharing Spot on IBtimes:

Jason Humble has shared an article with Brandon Rangel who himself has done a lot of fake paid articles on Ibtimes on the topic “5 qualities that all leaders must possess“. Do not carry away by the tips shared in this article. As we all know it is merely written for PR purposes by random content writers keeping one thing in mind “Name in Title” and random topic. This is usually done by PR service providers to merge the 2  clients in a single article to reduce the cost of the publications.  Getting featured on IBTimes ain’t cheap so it is preferable to share the commercial.


Jason Humble on Forbes & Entrepreneur. How?

Getting Featured on Forbes and Entrepreneur ain’t easy as it requires you to be credible enough. But the criteria no more apply when you are investing in PR Services. PR Service providers have their own network to work with contributors of these publications and it becomes easy for any entrepreneur to get featured as long as you pay the right price.  Alternatively, you can buy Forbes and Entrepreneur from for $1500 – $2000.


Stephanie Burns from Forbes is known for her Paid Feature Articles While Entrepreneur Contributor Cheryl Snapp Conner herself is a PR Service Provider and covers many clients in her column. Both the Articles of Jason are Paid and done through the PR service Provider which looks Real and Organic but they are not. Jason Humble may deny on this but he should ask his PR service Provider whom he paid $$$$ for his this PR Articles.

 We look forward to his real interviews instead of Paid.


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