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Jason Zuccari, Hamilton Insurance | BeneBee & Fake Paid Articles




Jason Zuccari is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, Founder of BeneBee, Board Member of HFC (Hilarity for Charity), and the vice president of development for Hamilton Insurance Agency – Bio from Paid Articles

Jason Zuccari and his paid interviews majorly speak about his mobile app – BeneBee which helps you to provide cost-efficient and effective insurance plans for companies and their employees. In the paid articles, Zuccari explains the pros of using this app and how it is user-friendly. Besides this, through his paid feature articles he also shares facts about the importance of insurance and how innovation in insurance tech will help people in general. Zuccari‘s app is gaining momentum on the internet all thanks to his paid interviews and featured articles. In order to promote your product, paid articles are one way to reach your target audiences and Zuccari, being an entrepreneur, knows how to promote his product.

If someone invests in a paid feature article but doesn’t use it for marketing purposes, then it becomes useless. Jason Zuccari, on the other hand, is using it wisely on his social media platforms as “Press Highlights” which we can see here – . The Vice President of Development for Hamilton Insurance Agency has real coverage and genuine accomplishments and expertise. However, the interviews and feature articles below are self-drafted and paid for, which anyone can purchase with a budget ranging from $1499 to $4999 individually or in PR Packages.




Jason Zuccari, Founder of BeneBee has gotten some legitimate media attention, but his pieces also appear in reputable top-tier newspapers that have brand and sponsored content programs that let anyone post their own paid promotional content. When success stories and published interviews are sponsored content, their veracity is called into question.  Getting your articles published in these publications enhances credibility among your users and followers. So why not do it? These articles come with a disclaimer and do not provide any value to readers.

For example – JPost is $499, VillageVoice is $699, LAWeekly is $299, etc.



Based on the history of John Rampton’s articles being filled with paid mentions of various clients in the past for which his authorship was terminated from INC, it is possible that Jason Zuccari’s mention in one of his articles could also be paid. It is not uncommon in PR Services where mention like this can be bought for $$$$ from freelancing sites such as UPWORK, PeoplePerHour, or from PR  agencies. Anyone in PR Services or Guest Posting services can easily understand how mentioning multiple clients as useful references or quotes in a single article works.



Forbes Monaco offers Brand Content / Sponsored in which anyone can publish their own content for $2000 – $25000. As there is a basic editorial review, this gives liberty to everyone to promote themselves or the company in the article. The credibility of the statements in such compensated articles is frequently in doubt. Jason Zuccari’s Forbes article is a 100% paid and sponsored article. While It all takes a budget of $$$$ to get featured on Forbes USA through the contributors.


FORBES MONACO Feature Article

FORBES USA Feature Article

FORBES USA Brand Mention Article

Jason Zuccari’s achievements do deserve some real media coverage than this paid one.


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