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Jonathan Campau, Luxuri Rentals & Fake Paid Articles




Jonathan Campau, an Entrepreneur, and the President of real estate and vacation rentals brokerage, Luxuri- Bio from Paid Articles

Jonathan Campau‘s paid interviews and feature articles take us through his life’s journey and to the world of real estate. After leaving his 9-5 job, he founded Luxuri and has been running it successfully. He has also mentioned in one of his paid articles that business success is all about the customer, and offering good service to customers always attracts money which most of us agree with. Below paid feature articles are well-drafted to position Jonathan as a credible figure. His struggle, expertise, and achievements covered in the below articles are Real but unfortunately, those are paid placements that can be bought in Package or Individually or in PR Package for $$$$. 

You will also notice that Campau has also shared the spot with Or Dori, who is a key member of the leadership team at Luxuri. According to Campau, Dori plays a vital role in his company and maybe that is why they opted to share the spots. It is also economical to share the spots on premium publications, so it is a win-win situation.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Deleted ]


Whether it is organic or Paid, Jonathan Campau being an entrepreneur understands the importance of Promotion. Getting featured or covered in the publication always has been the best medium for enhancing credibility and for Self Branding for entrepreneurs. So why not use it? His Interviews and feature articles are mostly published in the publication which allows anyone to publish their self-drafted under sponsored content/brand content/partner stories program.
Paid publishing on these publications can be bought from any PR Freelancer or from Agency for $499 – $999.
Jonathan Campau Interviews

Apart from Paid Interviews and Success Stories, the CEO Of Luxuri Rentals can be seen sharing insights and tips about Real Estate Market in many of his articles. The article only contains promotion of Luxuri and does not provide any value to the readers. Some of the articles are monotonous.

Jonathan-Campau-Luxuri News [ Press Release ]


OR DORI is a prominent leader at Luxuri, a Miami-based company that specializes in brokerage, property management, and holiday rentals. He can be seen in a few of the paid articles with Jonathan Campau. Some of the publication is common under both profiles. The agenda in Jonathan and OR DORI’s article is the same – Paid Promotion of Luxuri and Self Branding as an Entrepreneur.OR DORI LUXURI


Getting featured as a top entrepreneur with others in a credible publication or media outlet is a matter of Pride. However, for some entrepreneurs, credibility may not be enough. But with a budget of $$$$,  any PR agency or PR Freelancer can include in their list which is published on some of the publications under their sponsored content. It is an old method of the PR service providers to merge multiple clients in a single article in name of “TOP 10 ” or “TOP 5” listicle articles in exchange for fees. This way the high commercial of the publication is then divided into an affordable fee.  The list which is a paid compilation has no credibility.


Hope to see Jonathan Campau’s Organic Coverage in future than sponsored & paid content


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