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Joseph Ernest Lang, Tax Emperor & Fake Paid Articles




Joseph Ernest Lang, a Therapist turned Network Marketing Entrepreneur, Tax Strategist, and Founder of Tax Emperor – Bio from Paid Articles

Joseph Lang is a tax professional with 7 years of experience. His paid self-published interviews provide valuable information about him, his user-friendly tax course, and his company, Tax Emperor. Lang emphasizes his dedication to staying updated on IRS and state tax laws, which sets him apart in his field. This professionalism can impress readers and make them consider his services. In these paid articles, Lang is portrayed as a hard-working entrepreneur who is passionate about helping working-class families get the most out of their tax refunds. He also offers a “user-friendly” tax course and optional bookkeeping courses for those looking to expand their business clientele. These offerings can motivate readers to enroll in his courses.

By promoting his business and courses on these paid platforms, Lang has boosted his credibility among potential clients. This highlights the significance of paid interviews and feature articles in building a strong reputation. Lang’s expertise, achievements, and experience are genuine, whereas the articles below are sponsored, self-authored, and entirely paid for. You can obtain the following publications through various PR service providers or freelancing sites, either individually for prices ranging from $99 to $1499, or as part of a PR package.

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Joseph Lang boasts an exceptional content team that excels in crafting highly persuasive articles. Their work includes comprehensive coverage of Joseph’s career, profession, and expertise in tax courses. This approach not only fosters trust among his readers but also has the potential to convert some into clients. This underscores the power of self-branding in self-promotion.

Joseph Lang’s feature articles and interviews have found their way into publications renowned for their sponsorship-based content. These publications have a reputation for publishing a wide range of content under their brand content program. Consequently, you’ll often come across PR articles from various entrepreneurs, including Joseph Lang, in these publications only. For Example – Forbes India cost $699, Khaleej Times $699, American Reporter $99, Ibtimes $1499 etc.


Numerous publications charge premium rates for brand content publishing. Therefore, it’s a wise strategy to combine multiple clients within a single article to distribute the expenses effectively. A prime illustration of this practice is evident in the articles below, where Joseph Lang collaborates with fellow entrepreneurs in a paid article who themselves have done a lot of paid PR too.

These sponsored and paid articles aren’t primarily focused on delivering substantial value to readers. Instead, their primary objective is to secure the inclusion of names in the article title to enhance SEO and facilitate social media verification.


Lang sharing Spot with Neil David Anders –

Lang sharing Spot with Dr.Chris Zaino –

Hope Joseph Lang receives genuine media coverage for his expertise instead of depending solely on paid exposure.


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