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Josh King Madrid | JetSet is Really a Entrepreneur?




Some people find success in their initial years, while many spend their entire lives in success’ pursuit. Josh King Madrid, also known as JetSet, is an internet sensation who’s become popular after dropping out of UCL at the age of 18 and making his first million at the age of 19.

Author of ‘Jetset life hacks,’ ‘The Dropout Degree Show host, a dropout artist, NFT magazine founder, neuro marketeer, NLP coach, public speaker, and serial entrepreneur, Josh has capitalized his name as a brand. He is featured in many publications and is also part of the Fast Company Executive Board, Entrepreneur Leadership Network, Forbes Council, and Rolling Stone Council.

Really Credible Enough or Paid?


Fast Company Executive Board, Forbes Council, Entrepreneur Leadership Network and Rolling Stone Council is an elite council that has many credible names on its list. For an invite-only council, you have to pay an annual fee and clear certain strict prerequisites to become its member.  This council is a network of entrepreneurs and CEOs who connect, gain popularity and benefit from the council’s popularity. However, the eliteness of the council has recently come under scrutiny. There are PR agencies that can get you on this board in lieu of a $4000 – $7000 payment. These types of services are openly sold in various forums.

While there are strict prerequisites that need to be taken care of, these PR agencies have internal connections and take care of formalities.  This backdoor system has recently created questions on the eliteness of the council, as anyone can become a council member after paying a small fee.  Moreover, having entrepreneurs like JetSet approved in this community has posed severe questions on the legitimacy and genuineness of this council.

Below are his Profiles:

Real Coverage or Paid PR Articles?


The internet has opened up new possibilities for everyone. Some users have taken advantage of the open-source nature of the internet over others. There was a time when only genuine users gained popularity over the internet. However, things have changed recently with the intervention of PR agencies. These PR agencies have found ways to promote individual profiles on various publications through brand content. This is also the case with JetSet. Yes, he’s gained massive internet popularity. However, most of the exposure he’s achieved is because of the paid articles, which can be bought for $100-$500 easily on numerous publications that offer brand / sponsored content. These publications merely publish anything with a disclaimer.  Basically, anyone can submit their own drafted article, pay the fee, and get featured.

Out of many, here are some of Josh King Madrid’s paid articles:

This subtlety is the reason why most readers don’t figure out that the praising content they’re reading is written by the user himself. Therefore, no matter what accolades the article talks about, this content has no merit. JetSet mentioned in his publications, ‘The ability to persuade is the secret of the cosmos.’. To think of it now, he has cracked this art of persuasion, having persuaded numerous users of his eliteness using paid media.

Jetset and The Scam Acquisitions


One of the main reasons why JetSet has gained much popularity is also the scam acquisitions. Over this period, he’s faced numerous scam acquisitions, always keeping him in the limelight.

Let’s look at some of those scam acquisitions below:

1.  Marketing Guru Scam [ Source | Source | Source]

According to the internet breakout, JetSet is accused of scamming people by selling a worthless course for 10s of thousands of dollars with a promise of a complete refund in case the course proved useless.

Bogdan Kosilov had come forward as the whistleblower when he demanded a refund of $10K from Josh with no result. When he took to the internet, many more victims of this scheme came forward. It’s worth understanding that, like many Gurus, if someone’s making more money by telling you how to do something rather than doing it themselves, it’s generally a scam.

JetSetFly has promised a probe into this matter. However, numerous complainers are yet to see any results.

2. ATM, Marijuana dispensaries, and Money laundering Scam [ Source ]

In one of the courses, JetSet advocates installing ATMs around marijuana dispensaries as a sure-shot recipe for making money.

These are the facts of this scam acquisition.

  • Incomplete information

JetSet, along with his partner Eric, advocates setting up ATMs around marijuana dispensaries. However, the location shown in his course doesn’t allow marijuana sales, which has been decided on the internet.

Not only can the banks shut down these ATMs without notice, but you can also land in illegal trouble. JetSet has slipped this information in his course, which many think to be intentional.

  • Promotion of illegal business

Why open ATMs around marijuana dispensaries only when you can do it around restaurants and supermarkets?

By opening up ATMs in the neighborhood where marijuana sale is illegal, he’s directly promoting illegal businesses.

  • Money Laundering

Since these ATMs are set up around cash-only illegal businesses, it’s a sure recipe for money laundering.

3. Promotion through fake lifestyle [ Source ]

It’s been noticed that the cars he showcases in his videos are rented out by the JetSet team, and the penthouse apartment which he boasts about is rented between three people for cheap. Moreover, it’s been pointed out that the income receipts of affiliate marketing that he shows online are also fake.

While he is promoting dropping out of college, this might end up ruining more lives. All these complaints can be found on online forums like Ripoffreport.

4. Selling motivational talks in the name of business ideas and strategies [ Source ]

JetSet has been advertising his courses as a recipe to start and grow businesses. However, he is delivering old videos and motivational talks, charging anywhere from $5000-$25000.

Many users haven’t heard back from him after taking payment. In some claims, it’s mentioned that he hasn’t paid his team members like videographers either.


JetSet has been in the industry for many years and is accused of scamming people out of their hard-earned money which may or may not be true. While he’s been following these plans for years now, it’s now recently that all these have come to the limelight with people opening up on social media. However, it’s upon you to decide whether he’s a victim of negative promotion and propaganda or really an entrepreneur.

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