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Josh Wilson, Forbes Contributor & Paid PR Mentions



Josh-Wilson-Forbes is a US media and publication covering various global business topics. Renowned for its credibility, Forbes is a known publication within the PR and SEO industry due to its authority and difficulty in getting featured. Earning a spot in form of feature article or mention in Forbes yields numerous advantages, including amplified brand awareness, improved SEO ranking, heightened credibility, and expanded exposure. Forbes articles possess organic reach and also contribute to verifying social media profiles due to which it is more desirable among the PR & Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, founders, and businesses benefit significantly from being featured in this esteemed publication and they are ready to good price for it. However, securing a feature in Forbes isn’t a simple task. While traditional methods like social media outreach and profile pitching exist, they can be lengthy processes. An alternative approach involves enlisting the help of a PR agency with established connections to Forbes contributors, albeit through monetary compensation which ranges from $1000 – $2500 per mention. Though contributors refute these claims, the reality is acknowledged within the PR industry. Josh Wilson is one of such Forbes contributor whose columns are filled with paid mentions.

Josh Wilson Forbes

Josh Wilson is the founder and MD of Wilson Worldwide. He is a Forbes 30 Under 30 list maker (2018) for Hollywood and Entertainment. His work has been viewed in over 153 countries, reaching over 1 billion people on platforms like BBC, Disney, and ESPN.  Josh’s column features highly informative articles that provide substantial value to readers. Remarkably, these pieces seamlessly incorporate paid mentions of various clients, creating an organic and genuine impression. Nevertheless, PR professionals can easily discern the presence of paid mentions within the content. Lets explore some of Josh Wilson’s paid mention.

Disclaimer: Just in case any EDITOR of Forbes wants to contact me for the Proof then please get in touch.

Forbes Mention of Alexia Woods

Alexia Woods is a social media influencer, content writer and model. She makes a living by creating fascinating social media content. Alexia Woods has already done a lot of paid PR articles and some of them are Maxim, DailyMail, OK Magazine. It is not surprised that Alexia’s mention is also paid. It is therefore not surprising that Alexia-related references are paid advertisements.


Forbes Mention of Alex Arabov of VOBARA

Alex Arabov is the owner of a custom jewelry company, VOBARA. Alex has invested lot in PR articles which we have covered in our dedicated article. His mention in the Forbes article is also a paid mention.


Forbes Mention of DJ Bander

Zachary Kern-Schnall aka DJ Bander is a highly versatile producer, DJ, and remixer . DJ Bander has lot of paid interview & feature article and you can read about him in our exclusive article here. Furthermore, it is important to disclose that Zachary Kern’s mention in the Forbes article was also the result of a paid arrangement.

Forbes Mention of Hakan Yılmaz, CEO MAYCLINIK

Founder and CEO OF MAYCLINIK, Hakan Yilmaz is leveraging his five years of health industry experience to ensure patients get top-notch care. However, Hakan is not different from other entrepreneurs listed on our website who published paid feature articles and interviews. Some of his other sponsored and paid articles are Maxim, OK Magazine & IBTimes. Forbes mentioned covered by Josh isn’t organic too.


The List can go on….

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