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Joy Mbanugo, Financial | Consultant & Fake Paid Articles




“Joy Mbanugo is a Financial professional with over years of experience in the Financial niche, CFO at Paladin, a nonprofit organization, and an Angel Investor” – Bio from Paid Articles

As per Joy Mbanugo’s paid interviews and feature article, she is a Financial expert who has been in the financial sector for two decades and has an experience in Audit, Tax, Business Operations, Financial Services, Capital Markets, and Treasury experience. She is a CFO at Paladin, a non-profit organization that helps underserved startup founders and entrepreneurs, and has recently shown her interest in intelligent automation, blockchain technology, and crypto spaces.  Her paid interviews and fake articles speak solely about her achievements which are no doubt true, but her below published articles are paid Fake PR articles that can be purchased for $50 -$999 per publication from any PR service providers. 

Joy Mbanugo understands the importance of getting featured in online publications which helps in enhancing credibility and at the same time helps to increase the trust factor among the clients. To make it more real, she has gone ahead one step and created creatives around paid publishing which can be seen on her official website as if those are organic coverage.




Joy Mbanugo has been around the financial world for almost two decades and someone of her stature cannot be left out without having her presence in  Crypto, This is why we can see that most of her paid to publish are around the crypto niche where she is positioned as someone sharing opinion and advises.  Joy Mbanugo’s paid interviews and feature articles are on publications that are known for the “Pay to Publish” model. These publications are available on freelancing sites like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Swapd for $$$$. For Example – LAWeekly cost $399, Influencive costs $99.  The American Reporter $149 etc.   Basically, you have to give your own drafted content and they publish it without any fact check. Such practices are normal when these articles are paid and sponsored.



Getting Featured in the Top 10 10 List is a matter of  Pride but not when the list itself is a self-made PR paid list. It’s a common practice by PR service providers /agencies to create a so-called “Top  10”  List where they merge entrepreneurs and Influencers who pay them in a single article. A publication such as Ibtimes charges a hefty fee to publish the article under their paid advertising program which ranges from $1500 – $2000.  Merging all entrepreneurs in a single article not only helps in reducing the cost but also serves entrepreneurs’ purpose of getting featured at a lesser cost. Joy Mbanugo’s mention in the IBTIMES article is just a PR paid article. The List has zero credibility because all it takes is a budget of paying the price than the achievement. 




Getting Featured on Forbes is no more a difficult task as long you have a budget and the right PR agency. Joy Mbanugo’s Forbes mention by the contributor – Melanie’s fine is paid mention. Forbes Contributor Melanie Fine has experience in featuring the client in form of Quote where she includes multiple clients in a single article in form of listicles or quotes. Just browse the same article and you will find other similar entrepreneurs who have opted for Paid mention on Forbes for PR and Branding purposes. You can visit freelancing sites like where you will find Forbes mentioned services for $800  – $1400.


With so much experience and achievements under her belt, She really deserves to have Real  Coverage instead of this fake paid Articles.


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