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Khalid Ahmed, ISELLCOIN & Fake Paid Articles




Khalid Ahmed aka ISELLCOIN, an Entrepreneur and an Angel Investor. – Bio from Paid Articles

Khalid Ahmed paid interviews and feature articles showcase his life success and struggles which will motivate every reader. Khalid had a difficult childhood, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease because of this his family faced a lot of financial setbacks. This motivated Khalid to work harder on his goals and dreams. He started his work in his high school which took off immediately and soon he began using half of his profits to buy bitcoin. He also moved on to work on his eCommerce business.

His paid and sponsored articles clearly do not explain his real business or expertise, however, it is more focused on sharing insights and how he achieved success with cryptocurrency. Apart from that many of his paid claims that he is an investor too which may be true but his paid interviews and success stories are 100% paid and sponsored that can be purchased


Khalid Ahmed has got his articles published in reputed publications which have cost him a good $$$. But these publications will help him enhance his credibility on the internet. A significant portion of his paid articles consists of rewrites of existing content, rebranded with new titles but lacking in value for the readers. These scenarios happen only when the articles are sponsored/paid. But it helps to improve search engine presence which will directly or indirectly help Khalid to get his social media accounts to get verified and gain credibility. Considering that these publications accept any content under their sponsored content program, can we rely on the trustworthiness of such paid feature articles?


Khalid Ahmed appears to have a preference for certain publications, as he has published feature articles multiple times in the same ones. These publications are available for purchase on freelancing websites or through PR freelancers, either individually or as part of a PR package. Publications like TheAmericanReporter $149, LAweekly $149, NYweekly $149, etc.



With a budget of $1500, you can elevate your image within the pages of Entrepreneur India. This publication accepts brand content, making it accessible for numerous entrepreneurs to showcase their ventures.


I hope Khalid Ahmed receives the adequate media coverage he deserves, especially for those who are actively searching for information about him.


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