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Khalid Ahmed, ISELLCOIN & Fake Paid Articles




Khalid Ahmed aka ISELLCOIN is  Crypto Trader, Pilot & Investor. – Bio from Paid Articles

Khalid Ahmed’s paid interviews and featured articles offer a glimpse into his life, filled with both remarkable achievements and challenges that serve as an inspiration to his followers. Khalid’s early years were marked by adversity, as he grappled with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, which placed a considerable strain on his family’s finances. However, rather than succumbing to these setbacks, Khalid drew strength from them, channeling his determination into his ambitions which is worth appreciating.

His journey began during high school when he embarked on a path that immediately gained momentum. Not content with ordinary pursuits, Khalid demonstrated remarkable foresight by allocating a portion of his earnings towards investments in Bitcoin, a decision that would later prove to be incredibly lucrative. His trader profile on various P2P platforms like Localbitcoins, and Paxful is an example of that.  At the same time, he started an eCommerce business, showing his strong drive for entrepreneurship.

His paid and sponsored articles primarily focus on sharing insights about his success with cryptocurrency rather than delving into his true business expertise. While he does claim to be an investor, it’s important to note that his interviews and success stories are entirely paid and sponsored, and available for purchase for $99 – $999 individually or in PR Package.



Khalid Ahmed spent a lot of money to publish his articles in respected magazines, hoping to boost his online reputation. But, a significant portion of these paid articles are just rehashed versions of existing content with new titles, lacking real value for readers. This happens because the main goal is to improve his visibility on search engines and potentially get his social media accounts verified. The question is, can we really trust the quality of such paid articles when these magazines accept almost any content in their sponsored sections?


Khalid Ahmed aka isellcoin appears to have a preference for certain publications, as he has published feature articles multiple times in the same ones. These publications are available for purchase on freelancing websites or through PR freelancers, either individually or as part of a PR package. For example Publications like TheAmericanReporter $149, LAweekly $149, NYweekly $149, etc.



Gaining a spot on requires significant credibility. However, for just $1500, you can enhance your presence in the pages of Entrepreneur India. This publication is open to brand content, providing a platform for many entrepreneurs to spotlight their businesses. Khalid’s article is another example of paid publishing.


We hope Khalid Ahmed gets the media attention he deserves, especially for those actively looking for information about him.


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