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Kinan Salameh, Founder Scan2Get & Fake Paid Articles




“Kinan Salameh is a Real Estate, Online Marketing Entrepreneur, and consultant. He is also associated with the Scan2get startup.” – Kinan Salameh

Kinan Salameh’s paid interviews and fake articles state that he has been working since a very young age and is a self-made billionaire. He has six companies under his leadership and Scan2Get is the most recent venture. Being an online marketing entrepreneur, he believes in putting his profit into the best sales and marketing team to get the best results. Along with marketing, he is into real estate and consulting. Well, this is inspiring with the fact that he was born handicapped, he never stopped dreaming and focused on being a successful entrepreneur. So, it is questionable that it is a huge success why he got paid articles done?

Kinan Salameh, being a successful entrepreneur, felt the need for paid articles as he needs a verified badge which eventually helps him to get credibility in order to get more clients and partners to join his business. No doubt, Paid articles have enhanced his credibility and will also help in the process of verification. So it’s worth the investment.

His skills,  achievements, and struggles  are real  but not below interviews and feature articles  which are paid and can be purchased for $50  – $1000

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Being an expert in marketing, Kinan Salameh understood the importance of self-branding. He has also mentioned in one of his articles that he spends a lot of money on marketing and sales which can be seen from his paid interviews and fake articles. He has invested a good amount of $$$$ in some credible websites as well as semi-premium publications. But why can’t he invest some amount in his content team when you are earning some good profits? You can read some copy-pasted articles in a few publications but we assume it is not his fault because his PR service provider might have been submitting the same articles to get him featured.

Kinan Salameh’s article on the below publications is just repetitive copy-paste content on spam publications which cost $50  – $100.  These publications are known for “Pay to Publish” and anything you read about him on the below publications is self-drafted and paid. For Example, DisruptMagazine cost $50 while Laprogressive is $100 on


When you buy Verification Package then it is common to Fake paid interviews and feature articles on publications such as  Flaunt, DailyCaller, Times of Israel, etc as they support verification. These publications offer you to publish under brand content/sponsor content with a disclaimer or paid tags and cost you around $999 – $1500.



Forbes Monaco allows anyone to publish their own content for $3000 and can be purchased directly from them.  The PR service providers usually club 2 clients in a single article. The paid Forbes article of Kinan Salameh does not provide any value to readers . The sole purpose of this article is always to have “Name of Entrepreneur” in the article title which is mandatory for verification purposes. This is why we can see him sharing a spot in paid placement with Shareena Alameri who herself can be seen doing a lot of paid articles.


Kinan Salameh deserves to be on Media for his achievements but not through Paid Mentions.


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