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Kodi Brown | LifeofKodi – Entrepreneur or Fake Artist?




“Kodi Brown a.k.a King Kodi | LifeofKodi is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Fake Artist & Founder of Build Your Online Business & APICAL, Amazon Coaching Company” – Bio from Paid Articles

King Kodi a.k.a Lifeofkodi and his paid articles describe his life to be one rollercoaster life. King Kodi was a dropout student who made his daily ends by working at the grocery store. After working for a year, he saved enough money to start his eComm business from his basement. Soon it became a hit and gradually he went on hitting all the milestones. He founded Build Your Online Business, a coaching company focused on teaching new entrepreneurs how to build and grow their online businesses. According to his paid articles, King Kodi also started his music career during the pandemic when he had spare time in his hands. Started Career or Just a Fake Artist for Social  Media  Verification? We will explore that later.


Looking at his paid articles, King Kodi claims to have helped his students become millionaires with his coaching company which may be true but the below feature articles are 100% paid that can be purchased from for $50 – $100 or from any PR Freelancer in form of package. With the help of these paid articles, King Kodi is upselling his online coaching business program in these paid articles and since he is verified on Instagram with help of these paid articles, it has automatically boosted his credibility.

Kodi King claims to be featured in all Media outlets in his course-selling video placed in APICAL Amazon  [ ] but we the know reality.


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified as Fake Musician ]


In many of his paid interviews and feature articles, the Founder and CEO of “Build Your Online Business,” claims that he teaches Online Business and can help others to achieve financial success same as him. The claims could have been considered if he would have been covered by some real media outlets for his achievements rather than these spam publications which themselves don’t have credibility and can post anything under their brand content or “Pay to Publish” model.  For example – The American Reporter is $80, LA Progressive is $100, etc. 6 –8 Figure Amazon FBA seller knows the importance of Self-branding, hence he opting for paid fake PR is justified.

Kodi Amazon Seller


Working in the PR industry, the easy way to get your social media profile verified is to portray yourself as a musician and that’s what King Kodi has done in his paid articles. King Kodi is verified on Instagram and this was possible only because of these paid articles. The articles which feature him as a musician are monotonous and repetitive. The concept of copy-pasted content doesn’t affect the publications when $$$ is involved. These publications do not care about plagiarism and copied content as they work on the ‘Pay to Publish’ model. These articles are sold as the Musician PR Package or in Fake Artist Verification Package which is sold for $4k to $5k in various forums.

It only takes a verified Spotify [ ], and a few PR articles as artists.


Image Courtesy: King Kodi

Selling your services is all about branding and marketing yourself and he has done well with the above fake paid Articles.


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