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Lakshay Jain, Mevrex | Mascan & Fake Paid Articles




Lakshay Jain is a Founder of Mevrex & Mascan, Digital Agency – Bio from Paid Articles.

Lakshay Jain, a self-described young entrepreneur, offers his motivational journey through feature articles and paid interviews that highlight his early journey into entrepreneurship. These sponsored self-published articles below claim that he started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age and has subsequently gained attention & insights about the digital marketing. Unbelievably, at the young age of 22, he created and successfully expanded the digital business Mevrex followed by launch of Mascan, another digital entity. Along with his business endeavors, Lakshay has established himself as a motivational speaker. Additionally He has been part of local TEDx events too. He has chosen to promote himself via bought PR articles after realizing the importance of paid PR & Google presence.

While his skillset, struggle and achievements may be genuine, it’s important to note that the featured articles and interviews below are entirely fabricated and solely paid promotions that can be purchased anywhere from $100 – $250.

Lakshay appreciating own paid published articles:


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Lakshay Jain, Mascan invested in paid feature stories or interviews that are published in Indian media that are well-known for their branded content. These publications can be purchased from a variety of PR group resellers or freelance marketplaces like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. Indian publications typically don’t have a strict editorial policy when it comes to content that is published under their brand or sponsored content which makes easier for clients to glamorize themselves. Articles published in below publications comes with disclaimers that clearly states the nature of the article being paid.  Many of websites are spam and can range anywhere from $50 – $500

Example – Hindustantimes cost $200, Theweek $500, Vernamagazine$50 etc



Lakshay Jain, Mevrex  founder has chosen to promote himself by sharing self promotional article under own authorship. However, his credibility would have been enhanced if he had received organic media coverage instead of solely relying on self-posted feature articles.



Being well-known on Google is essential for building credibility. Since has credibility in organic search results, SEO practitioners have long misused the site. By posing queries pertaining to pertinent keywords and providing links to promotional content in response, SEO and digital marketing professionals frequently advertise the goods or services of their clients. However, the PR sector has modified this strategy by employing inquiries like “Who is XYZ” and offering responses via false accounts. A wonderful illustration is provided here.

Lakshay-Jain-Fake Quora


Instances of fake copyright claims being utilized as a weapon on the internet through the DMCA process have been observed, and Lakshay Jain, Mascan has gained notoriety for engaging in such deceptive DMCA submissions. We have personally encountered this when he filed a false DMCA notice against our content by publishing it on one of his blogs. His actions were recently exposed in an article published on Mashable, which can be found at the following link:

We are waiting for Fake DMCA against this article.

Hope Lakshay Jain gets some Real media coverage than above paid sponsored content.


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