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Liam James Collins, Coaching Masters & Fake Paid Articles




Liam James Collins is a co-founder of The Coaching Masters & Owner of Cafe CoachBio from Paid Articles

Liam James Collins got his paid feature articles and interviews done in order to share his life story of how he started his career as a surfer to the co-founder of the Coaching Masters. Collins started surfing at the age of 17 which gave him the idea of starting a surf shack on the beach. However, he moved to England to become a pro wrestler. He decided to open a wrestling school called The British Wrestling Evolution. He also tried his skills in acting. He joined Drama School and became a professional actor. He flourished in acting as well but eventually, the auditions stopped coming in, so he started working as a Mailman. His mailman gig came to an end which led to The Coaching Masters.

After trying different career paths, Collins eventually found his calling, and what better way to tell the success story than paid media coverage in form of sponsored content? Publications accept self-drafted articles and they don’t do fact-checks. As long as the Publications are paid, they don’t care about the content being plagiarized.

Liam James Collins charged with Fraud:



Collins is a Life Coach and wanted to reach out to as many people as possible hence he opted for paid articles. He has his articles published in semi-premium and premium publications which come with a disclaimer and can be purchased from any freelancing site. These publications charge you around $199-$599. It also enhances your credibility among your readers and followers. These articles also help you directly or indirectly to get verified on social media platforms which is an added value to the entrepreneur. His Achievements, struggle, and expertise may be True but not the below interviews and feature articles which is 100% Paid PR articles.

These publications do not vet any content so this gives leverage to glorify your own content as much as you like. Can we really believe the claims in the content when they are paid and sponsored? A publication like TechTimes $499, Jpost $699, Ibtimes $299, etc.



Achieving a feature in does not rely on credibility, but rather on having a budget of $1499 – $1999 to secure a mention in the content in form of Guest Post. Certain contributor are brand content profile where you pay a certain fee to get content published. Liam James Collins, mentioned in the following article on, appears to have been included as part of a paid promotional arrangement. It seems that permits brand content in their Asia Pacific section for a fee ranging from $2500 to $3000. As a result, a PR agency compiles its own roster of entrepreneurs and merges them into a single article.



A quick Google search of the entrepreneurs featured in this article reveals a significant number of paid PR articles done by each of them. This raises doubts about the credibility of the list itself, as it appears that everyone listed has paid a fee to be mentioned in this article that was drafted by the PR agency.


Liam James Collins mention in the article “Top 10 Online Business Coaches Helping People Thrive During The COVID-19 Recession”  is one example of how you can pay $200 – $300 to the PR service provider or agency and get mentioned in the top 10 articles. These type of articles includes multiple clients who are merged in a single article posted on the Press Release service which syndicates the content to Yahoo. The top 10 List is just another spam and does not have credibility.


Our wish is that he receives the desired exposure from this paid interview and featured article


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