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Lucas Lee Tyson, Growth Cave | ClientBolt & Fake Paid Articles




Lucas Lee-Tyson is Mentor. founder of Growth Cave [ digital marketing agency ]  and ClientBolt [  Software Company  ].  – Bio from Paid Articles

The founder of Growth Cave, Lucas Lee-Tyson has done paid interviews and fake articles which explains his entrepreneur journey. Lucas started working as an Intern in a digital marketing space but eventually realized that he can’t spend the rest of his life working a boring 9 to 5, so he decided to start up his own business. With just a phone and laptop, Lucas started his new career, offering freelance digital marketing services to small businesses unable to afford typical agency contracts. In less than three years, Lucas generated a good amount of wealth in his online venture. Along with this, he also started mentoring and coaching in the digital space.

Having expertise in the digital world, Lucas is very much aware of self-branding and its benefits. Hence, he chose to get his paid articles done to enhance his credibility and authenticity among his clients and readers. Also, these PR articles contribute to Verification. So why not?



Lucas Lee-Tyson helps entrepreneurs and businesses to find success through digital media marketing. In order to convince others of your own services, it is necessary to establish your own identity first. And what could have been a better way than getting featured in media publications? He has published his fake paid interviews and feature articles in semi-premium and premium Publications which costs around $100 – $1000. All of his articles are published in publications that are known for the “Pay to Publish” model. These articles are self-drafted which the Publications publish without any fact check.

You will see Lucas bragging about his ad campaign budgets in these articles which his readers might find impressive, but are they even true? Well, we can’t deny nor accept it since these articles are paid and you have the leverage to write anything you want. Publications like TechTimes cost $399, Influencive $99, and Statesman $99.


When you are not credible enough to get featured in  Forbes then entrepreneurs usually opt for paid content on Forbes. Lucas Lee-Tyson’s Forbes Monaco article is one of the paid article examples. Anyone can get their own interview or feature article published on Forbes Monaco for $1500 – $3000.


Also one of his paid articles claims that he started his venture as a college student and later turned it into a $300,000/year revenue-generating business. So it’s good to invest some part of the revenue in Self Branding.

Lucas Lee-Tyson’s article 100% Self Drafted and Paid.


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