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M Patrick Carroll, CEO Carroll Org & Fake Paid Articles



M Patrick Carroll

“Michael Patrick Carroll is a Founder and CEO of CARROLL, a U.S. real estate investment company, and also co-owns S.P.A.L., an Italian football team ” – Bio from Paid Articles

M Patrick Carroll holds a notable standing within the real estate industry, earning considerable respect. His well-established reputation has led to extensive organic media coverage for both himself and his company. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that there are also several interviews and featured articles that have been secured through paid arrangements.

In one of the sponsored and paid feature articles, the CEO of CARROLL discusses his expertise in formulating and executing investment plans, expressing satisfaction in the positive reputation he has cultivated as a prominent figure in the national real estate arena. He highlights his foresight in recognizing the significant impact of COVID-19 and making astute investments to safeguard against financial losses. Through a lot of brand content PR articles, He shares his experiences of guiding his company through challenging periods, which ultimately contributed to their later success.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to recognize that, despite M Patrick Carroll’s genuine media coverage, there have been instances where his interviews or features are not organic; instead, they were financially facilitated by him or his company as part of reputation management.

Patrick Carroll enjoys a prominent standing in the realm of entrepreneurship, boasting authentic articles published by esteemed sources. Nevertheless, an essential question emerges: what motivates the choice to invest in paid articles? This decision might stem from a quest for elevated branding or the pursuit of social media verification. It’s worth emphasizing that our discussion here does not in any way undermine Mr. Carroll’s credibility or achievements. Instead, it focuses on the landscape of paid feature articles and interviews.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below below-paid articles ] [ He used to share all paid articles but now deleted ]


Patrick Carroll is a prominent figure in the realm of commercial real estate B2B services. When you excel in your niche, it’s a strategic move to allocate some funds toward self-branding and verification efforts. Moreover, when your reputation has been marred by a plethora of controversies, including allegations of domestic violence, disorderly conduct, and stalking, there is a clear need for media coverage that can help divert attention from the negative press and digital evidence. Therefore, his decision to engage in paid articles is a wise investment. This article speaks about the all controversies –

Furthermore, it’s not a complex task to discern that numerous publications, including Jpost and TechTimes offer brand content. This is a well-known practice in the public relations field, where for a fee ranging from $500 to $1000, you can secure the placement of your content on these platforms, giving it the appearance of organic coverage.

M. Patrick Carroll Sponsor-Content

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There are many more Publications below which you can buy and post any article about you like Real Estate Michael Patrick Carroll. Please someone make him aware that do not post articles on low-quality sites such as, and this one is really interesting – Drugsanswer ( Seriously a Drug-based site, you didn’t check the site before publishing your article. This site is spam in the domain name itself ). Update – Articles are deleted now.

Here is the List of Paid Articles that M. Patrick Carroll did to boost his credibility. These Publications are known for the Pay to-Publish Model. The commercial to post your article on below publication ranges from $50 – $200. So you got $$$ then get anything posted.

M PATRICK CAROLL [ $99 Publication on ]


M. Patrick Carroll, the founder of Carroll Org, has unquestionably proven himself as a highly accomplished entrepreneur, meriting recognition in esteemed publications like Entrepreneur Magazine. Yet, securing a place within Entrepreneur USA’s pages requires a substantial level of credibility. Thankfully, having financial resources at one’s disposal can facilitate the journey towards securing such a feature.

In instances where gaining recognition in Entrepreneur USA poses challenges, there exists an alternative avenue to highlight one’s accomplishments—Entrepreneur India. This platform offers the opportunity to publish a desired article for a modest fee of $1500.

M Patrick Carroll can be seen on social media appreciating Entrepreneurs and flaunting this paid Feature article – [ Deleted now ]

Entrepreneur India M Patrick CarrollPerhaps the desire for greater exposure led him to engage with publications and invest in publishing his own feature articles. This strategic move aims to further bolster his credibility and expand his reach.


Securing a feature on Forbes Monaco entails a financial investment typically ranging from $2000 to $3000 through their Brand Content program. This program grants individuals the freedom to post content of their choice, essentially making the articles we encounter on Forbes Monaco both sponsored and paid, affording them the flexibility to craft their narrative as desired. [ Forbes Monaco is closed now ]


We now look forward to more of his Paid articles.


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