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M Patrick Carroll, Real Estate Entrepreneur & Fake Paid Articles



M Patrick Carroll

” Patrick is Founder and CEO of CARROLL Real Estate, a national real estate firm combining institutional investment capacity with real estate operations. ” – Bio from Paid Articles

M Patrick Carroll is a credible person in the real estate sector. Due to his credibility, he and his company have been featured in many media outlets organically.  However, there are many more interviews and feature articles that are Paid.

According to M Patrick Carroll’s paid article, the CEO of CARROLL prides himself on his ability to help define and implement the types of strategic plans for investors. He is proud of the reputation he’s been able to earn over the years as a nationally recognized leader in the real estate industry. He was among the few who predicted COVID-19 to be this huge and invested accordingly to avoid losses. In a true sense, he had to lead his company during hard times, and this will continue to lead to success in the future. As inspiring and motivating as it may seem, M Patrick Carroll may be real and genuine but his few interviews and coverages are 100% fake and paid.

M Patrick Carroll is a big name among entrepreneurs and has real articles published by some credible publications. But the real question is, why did the need to do paid articles? This is either for Branding or for Verification. Our Article does not doubt Mr.Carroll’s credibility or achievement but only explores the paid feature articles and interviews. [ This looks like a replica of Wikipedia where you can create anyone’s profile and feel like you are on Wikipedia. Aint that Funny? ]

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below below-paid articles ] [ He shares all his Articles here including the Paid One ]


M Patrick Carroll is a leader in commercial real estate B2B services.  When you are Ace in your niche then It is wise to invest some $$$$  in  Self Branding and Verification. Hence his action is justified.  Also, it is not Rocket Science to understand that many publications such as  Jpost & TechTimes are Sponsor articles. Anyone into PR can easily guess this. It’s like you pay $500 – $1000 and can get anything posted on this site and it will look like organic coverage.

M. Patrick Carroll Sponsor-Content

Do I need to tell you about Influencive? Pay $50 and You can post anything on this site portraying yourself Entrepreneur or anything you want.

There are many more Publications below which you can buy and post any article about you like Real Estate Michael Patrick Carroll. Please someone make him aware that do not post articles on low-quality sites such as, and this one is really interesting – Drugsanswer ( Seriously a Drug-based site, you didn’t check the site before publishing your article. This site is spam in the domain name itself ).

Here is the List of Paid Articles that M Patrick Carroll did to boost his credibility. These Publications are known for the Pay to-Publish Model. The commercial to post your article on below publication ranges from $50 – $200. So you got $$$ then get anything posted.

M PATRICK CAROLL [ $99 Publication on ]


M Patrick Carroll is really successful businessman and deserves to be in Entrepreneur Magazine. But getting Featured on Entrepreneur USA requires you to be a very credible person. But don’t worry when you have money then it’s not difficult to get featured. Instead of Entrepreneur USA, you can feature yourself on Entrepreneur India. Entrepreneur India allows publishing any article you want for merely $1500.

M Patrick Carroll can be seen on social media appreciating Entrepreneurs and flaunting this paid Feature article –

Entrepreneur India M Patrick CarrollMaybe he needs more exposure which convinced him to pay the Publications and get his own feature article published to enhance his credibility more.


Getting Featured on Forbes Monaco is all about investing $3000 in  Brand Content. They allow you to post anything you want under their advertising program. So Basically the article that we see on Forbes Monaco is sponsored and paid which gives you the liberty to glamorize the way you want.


We now look forward to more of his Paid articles.


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