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Mackenzie Thompson, PodCast | The Hive Mind & Fake Paid Articles




“Mackenzie Thompson, an Australian Entrepreneur, YouTube podcaster, Online Marketer, and Founder of the Program, The Hive Mind” – Bio from Paid Articles

Mackenzie Thompson’s paid feature articles describe his Facebook Marketplace dropshipping business as well as his Youtube Podcast career. As per his paid articles, he started his business at a young age where he built his name for himself through dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace. Currently, he is a full-time YouTube podcaster, digital nomad, and coach who focuses on training and coaching people on how to grow their social brands and earn online.

When someone claims to be a dropshipping expert and a successful podcaster, you might need to have some credibility before you convince others to opt for services. That’s how these paid articles have helped Thompson enhance his credibility among the readers and his followers. His Expertise, Achievements, and Skillset are Real but not the below articles and interviews. He claims to be the best in the business and brags on Social media about being published on several websites and platforms like Marketwatch, LA progressive, and The New York Weekly which are brand Content and Paid.  

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Mackenzie Thompson being in the digital space understands the importance of verified badges and self-branding.  Hence opting for paid articles is not a surprise. Paid Interviews and feature articles help directly or indirectly to get verified on social media platforms which is the new shortcut method of verification.  His old paid articles are around his expertise in Facebook Marketplace Dropshiping while the new paid content is around Youtube.  Except few, most of his articles are published on spam website which is known for the “pay-to-publish” model, and are available on freelancing sites or forums for $50 – $100 or usually sold in PR packages. These articles are self-drafted that are published without any questions. A lot of fake paid articles are with disclaimers which are understood that those are paid placements.

For example – An article on VentsMagazine is $10,  NYWeekly $199, and Ibtimes  $299, etc.


MACKENZIE THOMPSON ON ENTREPRENEUR.COM allow anyone to publish anyone’s content under their brand content especially in Entrepreneur India for $2000 – $2500. So anything we read is self-drafted and submitted for Brand Content.  Investment in an article like this is really worth the investment.



Getting featured on Forbes is everyone’s dream but when you are not credible enough then you can always opt for Forbes Sponsored Content through Forbes Monaco.  Forbes Monaco offers publishing of interviews and feature articles under their “Brand  Voice” which is self-explanatory of being paid section. It just requires a budget of $2000 – $3000 for this. Mackenzie Thompson’s Forbes article is another paid brand content article like


 Hope he gets some Real Media Coverage.


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