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Mathew Moxness, Crescendo Equity & Fake Paid Articles



” Mathew Moxness is a Canadian entrepreneur and the founder of Crescendo Equity, a real estate investment company. Mathew Moxness is also ex CEO of Internet Marketing Company [ Ekko Internet Marketing ] ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

Mat Moxness is a real estate investor and well-established businessman with a vision. He repurposes old and underperforming assets across the Ontario market into multi-family homes. Most of his paid articles speak about how Crescendo fulfills that demand of real estate to investors and immigrants. Through his paid interviews and success stories, it is portrayed that over the last decade, he has been a trendsetter in the real estate investment industry, and what is the use of being an ace in the niche if no promotion is done? This is why we can see Mathew Moxness of Crescendo Equity did a lot of Sponsors and Paid Interviews to keep himself in News either for Social Media Verification or for Self Branding.

We can see the below “As seen in”  banner on his Business website. Instead of this, it should be ” Paid For”. When you are paying $$$ to feature then you need to flaunt those on your Website also,  hence his actions are justified.




Mathew Moxness in his  Paid articles advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to never stop learning. Being knowledgeable and educated about the niche, Mat Moxness understands the importance of Self  Branding and  Advertising.  He has invested heavily in Sponsored and  Paid  Articles in various publications. These Publications offer you to publish your own content without any fact check and validation for $$$$ under their brand content program. His struggle, achievements, and expertise are Real but not below the interviews and feature articles which are either done for verification or personal branding.

When you are earning in 6 figures, it’s wise to invest in some feature and  Interview articles.  Getting articles published on Publication such as USATODAY  is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is costly.  Below articles are 100% Paid and Self Posted.  Basically, you need to pay their advertising Fee and you can publish anything you want.

Mathew-Moxness-Paid-ArticlesMathew Moxness had a good choice in terms of Publication for paid articles for having himself and his company featured.  But we found his fake paid articles in some low-quality publications that themselves don’t have credibility. These publications are usually used to dump feature articles for verification purposes.  Seems like Mat Moxnes did all his fake paid articles for Social  Media  Verification.

The articles below look real and organic but they are nothing other than Paid and Fake. These publications can be bought from freelancing sites such as for merely $50 – $200.


Mathew Moxness on Forbes. How?

Mathew Moxness could have been considered Real and Organic if he could have been featured by someone else other than Shama Hyder.  Shama Hyder runs a PR  Agency and she herself was involved in Paid Forbes Article for which authorship is revoked by Forbes. You can read about Shama  Hyder Here. When can do sponsor articles in top-tier publications then it’s not a big deal to get featured on Forbes.  It anyway costs you around  $4  – $5k  which you can get from any PR agency if you have a proper connection. If not then you can earn this spot through Pitching or having relation with Shama  Hyder through the right PR person. Shama Hyder is now banned from Forbes for her paid artivity.


Mathew Moxness on List of Top 10 Real  Estate Leaders.

Mathew Moxness has been mentioned in the Yahoo Article ” Top 10 Real Estate Leaders To Watch Out For In 2021″  declared by another PR agency. The Article itself is Fake and Paid and has no credibility.  All of the entrepreneurs listed in the article are the clients of the PR  agency who must have paid for the PR  and this is how they are on the List. All of them listed in the article have done paid articles for themselves. You just need to google out their names and you will find tons of fake and paid articles.

Such an article costs you $300  and you can post Feature Article in “Top 10” format on Yahoo through Press Release Services. We have covered these top  10 Scam Here.

We look forward to some Real Articles about Him Instead of Fake & Paid.


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