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Mathieu Arsenault, Real Estate Broker & Fake Paid Articles




Mathieu Arsenault is a Real Estate Broker in Quebec, CEO of Mathieu Arseneault Courtier Immobilier Inc & Helicopter pilot – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Mathieu Arsenault’s paid articles, he is a successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a man of many talents. Arsenault started his career at a very small age and strived at being the best. At the age of mere 19 years, he bought his first building and started his real estate agent class. He has also won the biggest award of $2M in salary in 365 days and was applauded for generating $10M in commission in just ten years. Now, he is learning to fly jetpacks to train the military and aid search and rescue operations. His remarkable work ethic and his contribution to society will awe you but that’s the magic of these paid PR feature articles, one can glamorize their story as much as possible. His accomplishments, expertise and struggle may be true but his below articles are 100% paid & self drafted.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ] [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Mathieu Arsenault, CEO of Mathieu Arseneault Courtier Immobilier Inc has his articles in semi-premium and premium Publications which can be purchased from any freelancing website for $499-$999 or in Package. These paid articles help in building credibility and authenticity among the readers and followers. These articles might also helped him to get blue tick on social media. The articles are well-drafted and well-written, we can say that his content team has worked exceptionally. Half of his articles are about his career, but half are about tips on progressing as a real estate agent. Such articles are written only when there’s no content left to write. Being the agent of the year, he deserves some organic media coverage than this paid articles.

A disclaimer in the article “Written In Partnership with Digital Nod” is enough to understand the nature of this feature articles that it is paid and sponsored.


Mathieu Arsenault has made investments in the credible media outlets listed below in addition to the spam publications already mentioned. Anyone can submit their own content under their brand in these publications.

We hope he receives genuine media coverage instead of publishing sponsored content.


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