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Miguel Lopes, CEO Invest Gods & Fake Paid Articles




“Miguel Lopes is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and a financial market trader.” – Bio from Paid Article

Miguel Lopes’s Paid article speaks about his early life struggle and how he worked his way to the top becoming millionaire through financial investment and trading.  Now he claims to help others through trading and he knows the strategy to make his millions. Too Good to be True but when you opt for paid Articles then you can claim whatever you want like an Expert Trader / Successful Entrepreneur or Investor.

His credibility as a successful trader is a red flag especially when you are spending $$$$ to portray yourself as an expert in various publications. The purpose of this Fake   Paid article looks like luring people to opt for his mentorship or some kind of money-making service.  Below banner on his website claims that he has been covered in those publications. But the reality is quite far from what he claims.  Those are 100% Paid and Fake. You can see him Flaunting his paid articles on Social Media as if they are real.




After a few years in the trade,  Miguel gained enormous experience enabling him to be a successful trader with vast industry knowledge and is actively involved in forex and crypto trading, among other money market instruments. Due to this, he started a company ” Investgods” company dedicated to teaching and mentoring others on how to make money trading.  When you are proud and a  self-made millionaire living your dream then it is a wise decision to invest $$$$ to put yourself in front of the masses.

All of Miguel Lopes’s articles are Fake and  Sponsored.  Basically, all of the below publications charge anywhere from $500  – $1400 to publish any of the articles you want. Alternatively, you can buy this from Freelancer on  when the article glorifies your expertise, It’s difficult to believe the credibility as those are Paid. Looks like he was desperate to get  verified


We now look forward to some real media coverage about Miguel Lopes rather than these fake paid articles.


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