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Murder, Theft, and Drug Trafficking Conviction; OFL Distributes Property Forms to 5 Individuals




In accordance with the implementation of the Special Law on Property Measures aimed at individuals convicted or accused of organized crime or serious offenses, Operation Force Of Law (OFL) has initiated the process of requesting written self-declarations of sources of wealth from citizens.

Among those subject to this procedure is Gazmend Hasi, a resident of Shkodër, who has been convicted in Italy for the criminal offense of “Trafficking in narcotics.” Another individual is Enver Jakimi, a resident of Bulqiza, who stands convicted for the criminal offense of “Theft resulting in death,” committed in cooperation.

Indrit Taulla, a resident of Durrës, has been convicted for the criminal offenses of “Criminal Organization” and “Premeditated Murder.” Similarly, Mario Zeqiri, also from Durrës, is currently under investigation for the criminal offense of “Production and sale of narcotics.”

Furthermore, Hajri Seferi, a resident of Durrës, is under investigation for the criminal offenses of “Trafficking in narcotics” and “Structured criminal group.”

These individuals, as subjects of the Special Law, are required to provide written responses to all inquiries posed by the OFL within a 48-hour timeframe. The received answers will then be forwarded to the Special Prosecution Against Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) for further actions.

The OFL remains actively engaged in executing complex operations to impose emergency seizures on suspected assets obtained through criminal activities. Additionally, self-declaration forms are being sent to all individuals falling under the purview of the Special Law.

The OFL is committed to providing continuous updates to the public regarding all procedural initiatives and enforcement operations it undertakes.

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