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Neil David Anders, Mortgage Advisor & Fake Paid Articles



Neil David Anders, a Certified Mortgage Advisor, Founder of Rockstar Lifestyles of LHC, and Vice President of Sales at Trusted Rate – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Neil Ander’s paid sponsored articles, Neil has been in the mortgage industry for about 20 years. He started his journey just after completing college at his friend’s firm and the rest is history. Ander in his paid PR article explains that the mortgage industry is a growing sector that will keep you on your toes and you need to stay up to date with new updates. He also assures that his company guarantees customer satisfaction and hence 90% of his business comes from referrals. In these paid articles, Anders only speaks about his work ethic, customer satisfaction, and his years of experience which will in short help the readers gain more credibility about him.

Neil Anders’s career seems very promising, he has also worked as a branch manager of American Financial Network in California and has helped his branch achieve remarkable numbers in sales. His achievements are undoubtedly the most remarkable that having done paid articles makes it true. While his accomplishments, challenges, and skillset are genuine, our focus is exclusively on investigating the articles that have been paid for and sponsored for public relations purposes.

If an individual is investing a significant amount on paid sponsored articles, it makes sense to employ them for branding purposes, a strategy that Neil is effectively implementing on his website.




Neil Anders has managed to get his articles featured in both mid-tier and high-end publications that are known for their brand content. Being in the mortgage industry, he understands the importance of having credibility to expand his service. These paid articles serve as a way to enhance that credibility. They also build trust among his clients, making it easier to convert leads into successful deals. Investing in such paid PR efforts proves to be rewarding. These articles are typically self-written and published without fact-checks, allowing individuals to promote themselves. You can buy these articles from freelancing platforms like, UPwork, Swapd, and PeoplePerHour, with prices ranging from $99 to $1999 for individual pieces or package deals.

For Example – Khaleej Times $499, Hauteliving $599, OKmagazine $99 etc


The International Business Times, also known as IBTIMES, has gained popularity in the realm of PR services for its brand content. It’s widely recognized as an accessible platform for paid publications. IBTIMES encompasses several regional editions, including [USA], [India], [Australia], and [UK].

For example – Ibtimes India cost $99, cost $1499, Ibtimes UK $1499 etc. It only takes a budget and anyone can submit their own content to look it like a feature article. Founder of Rockstar Lifestyles of LHC article on IBTIMES is just sponsored and paid content.


USATODAY provides a sponsored content program that allows individuals to publish their own content with a disclaimer. This becomes a prime opportunity for PR agencies, enabling them to craft lists like “top 5” or “top 10.” They often combine multiple entrepreneurs’ content into a single article, minimizing the expense of USATODAY’s branded content service. However, for an individual entrepreneur opting for USATODAY, this approach could be costly.


For Example – USATODAY article 5 Real Estate Entrepreneurs You Should Know: Jonathan Campau, Marina Drabkin, Neil Anders, Hillary Hertzberg, Or Dori” does not give any value to readers but merely written with one purpose “Name in Title”. Performing a Google search on the entrepreneurs mentioned in these articles can reveal numerous paid PR pieces. These entrepreneurs all share a common objective: to obtain mentions through paid PR.


Many PR service providers combine two or more clients into one article to cut down on the expense of premium publications. An example of this can be observed below, where Neil Anders, Vice President of Sales at Trusted Rate shares the spotlight with Joseph Lang. Joseph Lang also has a significant number of paid PR articles.

Neil David Anders is truly reputable. Hopefully, he receives genuine media coverage.


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