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Nicholas Ayala, Priority Life Group & Fake Paid Articles




Nick Ayala aka Nicholas James Ayala is an Entrepreneur, President & CEO of Priority Life Group, an insurance company – Bio from Paid Articles

Nick Ayala aka Nicholas James Ayala and his paid articles describe a lot about his flagship company, Priority Life Group, and his journey towards its success. Nick Ayala graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and finance and started his successful journey. With 15 years of experience in the industries of business and finance, Nick Ayala started his first company Point America 365 in 2012, which is a digital marketing firm. After two years of Piont America 365’s success, Ayala’s next successful venture was a family-run business called Align Capital Ventures. But the most important year in Ayala’s career was the year he founded Priority Life Insurance Group. His paid articles also mentioned that being a three years old company under the leadership of Ayala, a much larger firm, Integrity Marketing Group, expressed interest in acquiring it.

In his paid articles, Ayala speaks a lot about how his agents are dedicated to helping their clients. His company’s motive is customer satisfaction and his agents work best towards providing the best service. These articles not only enhances his credibility but indirectly also increase trust factor among customers. This article does not doubt his credibility, services or expertise but only addresses below article nature as a paid and sponsored content.

Update: Lately, allegations have arisen linking Nick Ayala to a Ponzi Scheme along with Michael Killimett, Ryan Montalto and Matthew Smith [ ]



Drawing from his background in digital marketing, Nick Ayala possesses a keen understanding of self-branding’s significance. It’s conceivable that he has engaged a dedicated PR team to oversee the creation of these articles. However, there might be a lack of awareness that these publications feature branded content, which involves payment. Such publications can readily be acquired individually for prices ranging from $199 to $999 on platforms like or PeoplePerHour. Alternatively, they can be obtained within a PR package from a PR agency. Notably, Ayala’s articles have also found placement in prominent Indian publications that are often associated with the dissemination of paid content.

For Example – LaWeekly $499, Oceandrive $299, The American Reporter $99 etc


Many Indian publications are renowned for their “Pay to Publish” model, making them easily obtainable for a price ranging from $50 to $150. These publications have a practice of publishing content without undergoing any editorial review, and they typically include a disclaimer along with the published material.

For Example – Outlook India $150, Mid Day $99 etc


Recognizing the significance of paid PR, Nicholas Ayala’s decision to invest in public relations stands as a shrewd choice.


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