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Nima Yamini, PN & Friends & Fake Paid Articles




“Nima Yamini is a TikToker, Co-Founder of P.N. & Friends, and Founder of Yamini LLC. He is Financial Advisor and  occasionally writes about Finance and Business.” – Bio from Paid Articles

Nima Yamini’s most paid feature articles or success stories are around his tech startup along with his Partner Pablo Heman. His article is mostly focused on promoting P.N. & Friends, a tech startup that’s helping to bring highly specialized training to people interested in stocks and crypto investing. The article also speaks about how Nima Yamini and Pablo Heman found their passion for crypto and stocks which eventually convinced them to share their experience and learning through their startup.

Nima Yamini and Pablo Heman already gained huge followers and trust by sharing their short educational tips and investment insight videos on Tik Tok and Instagram. Adding a few Success Stories or feature articles to the profile can enhance the credibility to market themselves more.  And they are wisely doing it in their Discord Community where they claimed to be featured. The appropriate statement would be “Paid For“, Instead of “Featured“. Below is the screenshot from their community.


His’s Skills and Achievements are real but not below the Articles. Those are Self Drafted, Fake, and Paid which anyone can post merely for $500 – $2500 depending on the publications. Also, Nima Yamini’s tik tok recently got banned due to which he can be seen posting content on how Tik Tok is toxic. 

Our old article was removed on copyright grounds. But It is difficult to argue against facts and no one cannot refute what is true.

SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified due to below Paid Articles ]


Nima Yamini being an active Social Media Content Creator understands the importance of Self-branding, hence we can see him investing a few $$$$ on Personal branding through Paid Feature Articles and Success Stories. Also when this article contributes to your Social Media Verification then why not do it?  Nima Yamini runs a community of 30,000+ Users and these paid articles are always a good investment to serve as marketing collateral to convince the members about their services. Nima Yamini along with Pablo Heman’s article can be seen on publications that are known for their Brand Content and anyone can purchase the paid placement directly by them, while some can be bought from freelancer sites like or for $150 – $200.

These publications accept any content you give to them and publish them on their publication with a disclaimer. For Example – An article on Flaunt cost $800, Khaleej Times $600, and Disrupt Magazine for $25.

Nima-Yamini-Paid--Article [ Anyone can register and Post the content ]


Getting Featured on Entrepreneur is no more difficult as long you can pay for the post and have the right contact in PR. allows anyone to post any content under their BRAND CONTENT program for $1500 – $2000 under desired author name. And if it’s crypto then content comes with a disclaimer at the bottom of the content. The content by the contributor under the name “Srivatsa KR” is Paid Brand Content Author of Entreprener India.



Forbes has regional publications such as Forbes India and  Forbes Monaco which allow sponsor content.  Under this program Forbes Monaco allows you to publish your advertising content for $3000 under your own authorship name. So basically it takes  $$$$ in order to get featured rather than an actual story or credibility.  Forbes Monaco articles support verification, hence you will find many PR service providers offering this Forbes Monaco in their package.  Also, it adds to your credibility. So why not include it in your Profile?


We look forward to more of their Paid Articles


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