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Orel Asformas, Viking Media & Fake Paid Articles




Orel Asformas is the owner of Viking Media & owners behind the GoldmanOptions – Bio from Paid Articles

Orel Asformas is a renowned figure in the realm of digital marketing, celebrated for his innovative strategies showcased in his paid and sponsored articles. Despite a challenging upbringing marked by his ADHD condition, which led to his early departure from school, Asformas’s unwavering determination propelled him towards personal growth and remarkable achievements. His paid articles frequently spotlight his professional endeavors and the services he provides, assuring clients of effective solutions and guaranteed results.

Having roots in Israel and now residing in Belarus, Orel possesses extensive expertise in digital marketing and self-branding. His deep understanding of PR articles and the long-term benefits of paid articles is evident. However, even with his impressive track record, Orel overlooked a crucial detail – a misspelling of his name in one of his published articles.  What’s the use of spending so much $$$$ when you can’t spell check your article?

Orel Asformas’s expertise, challenges, and accomplishments are undeniably authentic. This article does not question his credibility; it merely sheds light on his paid articles.



The majority of the feature articles about Orel Asforma highlight his expertise in digital media and his provision of marketing solutions through his agency, Viking Media. Conversely, a different media article alleges that he was involved in fraudulent activities ( Goldmanoptions, specifically in connection with the DAO Binary Options scam.

Analyzing his sponsored articles, it appears that the majority of interviews and feature pieces are featured in publications recognized for guest posting. The rest of the articles are found in less prominent or average-quality publications.  Among his articles, there is one article where he took the opportunity to write an article about poor people’s mentality because a famous personality commented on the same. Such articles are pure examples of content creation when you have no other content. Orel’s paid articles can be purchased from any freelancing site like, Swapd or PeoplePerHour for $99-199.


Apart from the spam publications mentioned earlier, Orel’s PR articles can be found in the following reputable publications, which appear genuine and organic. However, it is evident that these articles are paid PR pieces and do not require extensive analysis to discern. The cost for placement in these publications typically ranges from $2000 to $3000 and can be acquired through the Freelance Forums.

We anticipate seeing additional paid feature articles from him in the future.


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