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Paid PR is the shortcut to Facebook Verification




The notorious social elements have also adapted to the new world as we completely move towards the virtual world. There was a time when people had to spend an extraordinary amount of money on various types of security systems to safeguard their personal belongings. But now, you have to spend more money on keeping your digital identity intact because that is where the new-gen thieves, hackers, and spammers attack you.

When you are a brand, an artist, or a digital influencer, you will often come across your fake profiles on various social media platforms. And, this is no secret that social media platforms, especially Facebook, are not just for connecting with your family and friends but have evolved to become a mammoth business space. These profiles are made with the sole motive of reaping the benefits of all the hard work that you have put in to build your business or personal brand. Your competitors might also make them spoil your name in the market.

So, what is the solution here?

After noticing every growing fake profile, Twitter started with this novelty of verified profiles, followed by Facebook in 2013. Verified profiles refer to the profiles which have blue tickmarks in front of the profile name. This means that Facebook has intensively researched the profile and verified it to be genuine. It also means that the profile belongs to a notable person or business which has influence over its audience.

Why should you get your Facebook profile verified?
If you arent already convinced that you need your Facebook profile verified, here is a list of reasons for you.

● Build trust with your audience.
● Gain early access to new features.
● Ensure that nobody scams your audience in your name.
● The elite feeling of having the blue tick mark on your profile.
● To get featured on top of the Google search results.

What factors influence the verification of your Facebook profile or page?

Of course, there are conditions that you should comply with before you can get your profile verified. You need to share your identity proof in case of a personal profile or registration when you are a business. In addition to this, Facebook also checks whether you have significant media coverage that can influence others or not. Here is a list of all the important conditions that Facebook considers.

● Identification proof

Facebook demands identity proof from all the artists, personal profiles, and businesses who want to get verified. In the case of personal profiles, your driving license, passport, etc., are acceptable. And for businesses, you need to show your registration or affiliation documents with the respective authority. This ensures that the profile they are verifying is genuine.

● Complete profile

Having a complete Facebook profile with all the relevant information mentioned on the website definitely increases the chances of your profile is verified.

● Number of followers

Having a large community means that you have a significant influence over the community. However, whether Facebook accepts fake followers, which it easily recognizes, is still under debate. But to that point, there are many PR professionals who hello users add followers to their profiles.

● Media Coverage

This is a very crucial factor that Facebook uses to verify profiles. It checks whether you have plenty of relevant media coverage or not. They don’t necessarily need you to have featured on Forbes or other big publications. They check if you have been published in the relevant publications or not. For example, if you are a Footballer, they’d like to see you covered in sports magazines rather than business magazines no matter its size.

What role do PR professionals play in getting your Facebook profile verified?

While sharing genuine proof is easier for everyone wanting to verify their profile, the real challenge arises at the time of media coverage checks. This is where the PR professionals come into the scene. These PR professionals help you get relevant media coverage by publishing feature articles and interviews. They have contact with various publications that come very handy at the time of media coverage checks. Also, the paid or promotional content on various publication websites is another tool in the arsenal of these experts.

Additionally, you might want to increase the number of followers on your page or profile. These guys will also take care of this.


Whether this approach to getting your profile verified is ethical or non-ethical, and useful or not useful still remains under debate, you certainly achieve the desired results. In case you got your request for Facebook verification rejected earlier, contacting one of these experts might be the right way to go.

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