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Kanin Asva, Partner Robust & Fake Paid Articles



Kanin Asvaplungprohm aka Kanin Asva, the Founder and General Partner of Robust – Bio from Paid Articles

According to Kanin Asva‘s paid interviews and feature articles, he has recently founded his capital venture company, Robust. He shifted to the United States at the age of 18, completed his studies, and started working at domestic as well as overseas companies. His sheer ambition and dedication led him to start Robust. His main purpose in doing these paid articles seems to promote his company. His articles share a lot about his company, how he started it, how he plans on taking it further, etc. The paid placement gives you the liberty to write anything and everything without any fact checks. His achievements, skills, and expertise are true but his below articles are 100% sponsored and brand content. It does not take much to understand from where Kanin Asva has purchased the links.

Kanin Asva

Kanin Asva presented featured articles and interviews on his Instagram highlights as a Press as if it is natural and organic. However, it does not require rocket science or he may be unaware to understand that these posts are sponsored content and can be obtained through PR freelancers or agencies for a price ranging from $149 to $2499 per publication. 


SOCIAL PRESENCE: [ Verified using below paid Articles ]


General Partner of Robust, Kanin Asva has achieved a lot in his at a very young age which is very motivating and inspiring. He is an entrepreneur and understands the value of self-promotion. That is why he made the decision to opt for paid media attention through interviews or feature stories, which is a great method to attract attention. So it makes sense why he took that decision. Also, it is one of the best ways to reach his target audience. Kanin has invested an excellent $$$$ in paid coverage and this will eventually help him enhance his credibility. These publications merely publish anything without editorial review as long as you pay their brand content fee.

For Example – Flaunt $499, Maxim $1499, LA Weekly $299 etc


Apart from the above Publications that come with a disclaimer of being sponsored and paid, there are certain publications that look organic but they are also paid and can be purchased from Fiverr, Peopleperhour & Swapd for $49 – $99. Many of his articles are poorly written with the purpose to populate Google searches either for verification or for Digital Presence.


KANIN ASVA ON ENTREPRENEUR.COM. HOW? has sponsored content options as per the region such as Entrepreneur India costs $1500 while Entrepreneur Asia Pacific costs $2500. They allow publishing your own drafted content in exchange for a fee. So anything you read about Kanin Asva in the below Entrepreneur article is self-drafted and paid.


Thai-born, US-bred Kanin Asvaplungprohm has made a wise investment in Paid PR


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