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Pasquale Minasi, BlueMagic Group & Fake Paid Articles



Pasquale Minasi

“Pasquale Minasi is a Founder of BlueMagic Group, Author, and also the founder of Albania Padel Group ” – Bio from Paid Articles.

According to sponsored and paid articles, Pasquale Minasi has been actively involved in various startup investments and has also established his own hair transplant clinics under the BlueMagic Group. As per his paid article, he believed that existing clinics did not offer state-of-the-art hair transplant techniques, leading him to find these facilities. It’s worth emphasizing that we have full confidence in the BlueMagic Group’s reputation for excellence and the quality of services they provide. However, our objective is to scrutinize his self-posted paid online interviews and features which he flaunts on social media as if they are real and organic.  These articles seem to primarily promote him and indirectly, both BlueMagic Group and Albania Padel Group.

Pasquale Minasi of Albania Padel Group and BlueMagic Group take pride in getting featured in various publications and hence we can see that they flaunt this on their website [ ] as below but they are Paid  PR Articles.

Pasquale Minasi Website

Update: Our last article was removed with fake Copyright & DMCA notice. However, we won’t stop exposing entrepreneurs.



Mr. Pasquale Minasi, an entrepreneur and the founder of both Albania Padel Group and BlueMagic Group, recognizes the significance of digital exposure. To put it simply, what good are achievements if they remain unnoticed? This underscores the importance of self-promotion and reaching a global audience. Getting featured on global media outlets is a wise move in this direction. It appears that the objective of this paid feature article is to either secure verification or promote BlueMagic Group.

A significant number of featured articles related to the founder of BlueMagic Clinic are presented as Sponsor Content or Brand Content, often accompanied by a disclaimer. This publication platform operates on a “Pay to Publish” model under its brand content section, enabling individuals or brands to have their content published for a fee, typically ranging from $100 to $500. Importantly, content submitted under this model is published without being subjected to editorial policy or review.

Consequently, when individuals opt to pay for the publication of content about themselves, they have the liberty to shape the content as they see fit. This allows them to highlight their achievements, such as their success as an entrepreneur, or to promote their brand, such as positioning BlueMagic Group as a leading transplant clinic.

Sponsor-Content Pasquale Minasi

Performing a Google search for “Mr. Pasquale Minasi” will yield numerous feature and interview articles. However, it’s essential to note that these interviews and feature articles are entirely sponsored and paid for; they are not organic or the result of genuine media coverage.

Publications such as TechTimes, Influencive, and IBTimes are renowned for their practice of publishing paid articles. This is a common feature in the portfolios of entrepreneurs who have engaged in paid PR services or are seeking verification. These publications can often be found on freelancing platforms like, Swapd, or, where they are available for purchase at prices ranging from $50 to $250. All you need to do is provide your drafted content, and they will post whatever content you desire.

For Example An  Article on Influencive costs $99, TechTimes $499, Ibtimes $199, RitzHerald $99. Getting featured in this publication only requires $$$, not your achievements or success story. So Mr.Pasquale Minasi understands the value of self-branding and hence we find him doing all these below fake paid articles to promote himself.

Some of his self-drafted paid articles are as  below:

Pasquale-Minas-Entrepreneur [ Why do people even pay for this? This is free to register and Post ]


Forbes continues to uphold its reputation as a prestigious publication, although not everyone meets the criteria for being featured on its platform. Nevertheless, with the right connections and a sufficient budget, securing a feature on Forbes becomes attainable. Forbes provides regional publications that enable the publishing of Brand Content, granting individuals or brands the chance to showcase their content and achieve features on Forbes’ regional platforms. Forbes Australia, for instance, offers this opportunity, with a fee of $2500 for securing a feature. Pasquale Minasi’s Forbes article serves as an illustration of such Brand Content.

Someone here flaunt Forbes on Social Media –


Hoping for genuine feature articles about Pasquale Minasi from BlueMagic Group, not paid


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